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Teaching Bold New Methods: Arina Duvenhage and the Garden of Eden Garden School

Mineral malnutrition is a serious global issue affecting hundreds of millions of people. It is estimated that worldwide, 60% of people are deficient in iron, 30% are deficient in zinc, and approximately 15% are deficient in selenium. Calcium, magnesium, and copper deficiencies are also common in both developed and developing nations. These nutritional deficits result in widespread healthcare problems and diminish the quality of life and community resilience. Arina teaching at the Garden of Eden Garden School How do we fight global mineral malnutrition? The answer is one farm at a time. As experts such as Arina Duvenhage of the Garden of Eden ...

Rockmin Composts Provides Local Solutions to the Global Soil Crisis

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations:  Soils are fundamental to life on Earth but human pressures on soil resources are reaching critical limits. Careful soil management is one essential element of sustainable agriculture and also provides a valuable lever for climate regulation and a pathway for safeguarding ecosystem services and biodiversity Chris Cameron and his daughter Catriona Dale  In other words, soil degradation is one of humanity's greatest threats. Fortunately, there are experts like the father-daughter team behind Rockmin Composts who are on a mission to do something about it. The ...

Dennis Amoroso has a plan to end the world’s fertilizer crisis

When Dennis Amoroso made it his job to turn the world's mining byproducts into carbon-sinking fertilizer, he envisioned a future when his grandchildren could eat well beyond the safety of his organic orchards. A future full of flavorful, nutrient-dense fruit plucked straight off the tree — grown without toxic, carbon-emitting chemicals used in conventional farming. Dennis Amoroso of Plant Nutrition Technologies, Inc. As the world contends with record high food prices and looming threats from climate change, a fertilizer crisis propelled by the Russian invasion of Ukraine is putting the world's crops on hold. While the United Nations rushes to ...

Grow Your Own Nutrition: Jon Frank on Minerals, Biochar, and Ramial Chips

This article is based on an interview of Jon Frank conducted by Joanna Campe. Nutrient dense foods are an essential component to a healthy diet, yet they can be difficult to come by. To address this issue, Jon Frank founded Grow Your Own Nutrition, a program focused on consulting people on growing their own nutrient dense foods wherever they are. This user-friendly program can be applied to any soil type. In an interview with Joanna Campe, Frank explained the methods he used to create this program, as well as the importance of soil fertility.   Dr. Reams and plant energy Dr. Carey Reams developed the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization, ...

Rock Dust, Mother Earth’s Milk

Compost supplemented with rock dust is assisting the sustainability of Sinaloa’s farmers after last year’s cold snap. Last February a cold snap that lasted one week destroyed 90% of the corn crop in the Mexican State of Sinaloa in what many have been described as the worst disaster in Sinaloa’s history. Other crops such as tomatoes, chickpeas, green beans, squash, and chilli peppers were also devastated. Thousands of farmers were affected with the overall cost estimated at $23 billion. (more…)

Watch the Documentary on Remineralization in Rural Brazil

RTE has released a documentary about a research project proving remineralization to be an effective and sustainable strategy for producing higher yields and nutrient dense crops in remote Brazilian communities. Click "Read more" to watch the video in Portuguese with English subtitles. (more…)

RTE Coordinator Promotes Sustainable Development in Cameroon

The African nation of Cameroon is a place of rich agricultural traditions and great natural diversity. Semi-arid regions in the north transition through the Savannah Highlands into tropical rainforests in the south. Gilbert Kuepouo, Cameroon’s Remineralize the Earth (RTE) coordinator, knows all these ecosystems as if they are old friends—he has been studying them since his childhood. (more…)

Dr. Tso-Cheng Chang: The Amazing Tale of a Farmer, From Farm to Table

Tso-Cheng Chang is a small-scale farmer in Amherst, Massachusetts. His popular restaurant, Amherst Chinese Food, attracts people from all over the Pioneer Valley to its fresh, organic, delicious Chinese food. Dr. Chang is a strong believer in soil remineralization; he has been using rock dust on his organic farm since 1995 in his determined quest to eliminate the need for pesticides and to grow nutrient-dense food. At this point, his soil has become so rich that he has not felt the need to add rock dust in the last five years. Born in a small town in Shandong Province, China, in the late 1920s, Dr. Chang traveled to Taiwan and earned an undergraduate ...

Remineralization In Rural Brazil

A research project in Bahia proves remineralization to be an effective adjunct strategy for remote impoverished communities to produce higher yields of quality crops while remaining independent from chemical fertilizers and government subsidies. (more…)

Transforming Barren Land Into Fertile Ground

If you were to choose a place to plant your dream vegetable garden, it would probably not be in the foothills of the Grampian Mountains in Strathardle, Perthshire, Scotland. The upland site is infertile, acidic and exposed to severe weather. Around 85 percent of Scotland is classified by the European Union as a “less-favoured area” for farming, and this region, plagued by lifeless, silty soil and boulders, falls right into that category. Yet it was exactly here that Cameron and Moira Thomson settled and decided to become self-sufficient by creating their own garden, growing their very own fruits and vegetables. “Our dream was to grow and use ...