Joanna Campe

Executive Director

joanna-250As the founder and Executive Director of RTE, Joanna Campe raises public awareness of the crucial role of soil remineralization with finely ground rock dust, sea minerals and other natural means to regenerate soils, forests and stabilize the climate. She promotes partnerships with foundations and educational institutions, government agencies, international development agencies, the private sector, and NGOs. She has decades of related conference participation, project organization, media development, authorship, public speaking, professional networking, policy advocacy, and public awareness building. She has co-authored several research papers and is the co-editor of Geotherapy: Innovative Methods of Soil Fertility Restoration, Carbon Sequestration, and Reversing CO2 Increase.

In the early 1980s, Joanna read the book The Survival of Civilization by John Hamaker and Don Weaver and what had for her previously been “dirt” under her feet became a vast micro-universe that is the basis of all life. She recognized the tremendous importance of John’s work and joined together with him, Don Weaver and others to get the message out.

Don Weaver

Co-Author of The Survival of Civilization

DW12-27-10BdonDon has for 37 years been an ecologist, researcher, writer and organic grower concerned with the health and survival of humanity and the Biosphere. Humanity must quickly transform into the wisely generous species on Earth, if the growing momentum of eco-climatic and health degeneration is to be reversed. He began working with John Hamaker in 1978. John’s early writings inspired an understanding of how local and global soil remineralization with natural gravel (mixed rock) dust can enable us to perpetually grow high-quality crops and trees, the natural foundation for regenerating the socio-ecosphere. John and Don subsequently collaborated to author The Survival of Civilization, produce 11 issues of Solar Age or Ice Age? Bulletin, and numerous articles for the magazines Remineralize the Earth Magazine (1991-1997), Acres USA, Living Nutrition and more. His email contact is:

Since John Hamaker died in 1994, Don has continued sharing these crucial insights. From 1997-2002, he researched and wrote To Love And Regenerate the Earth: Further Perspectives on The Survival of Civilization, which includes additional Hamaker writings in its 540 pages. Both Hamaker-Weaver books remain free at

Don’s ebook Regenerate the Earth! was published in 2011 and is available here.

Veronika Miranda Chase

Director of the Research Database and Translations (2014-2017)

Veronika Miranda ChaseMiranda is an Environmental Policy Researcher, with a BA in International Relations and MSc in Integrated Water Management. She is a PhD candidate for the UMass program on Global Governance and Human Security, and is a research fellow from the IGERT program of the National Science Foundation. Her research mainly concerns sustainable development in rural communities of the Amazon basin. As a coordinator for RTE, her goal is to provide a state-of-art database with reliable information about remineralization as a sustainable, effective and affordable solution to agriculture worldwide. This knowledge can assist scientists and policy makers, farmers and gardeners, and the general public in making better environmental decisions.

Valdielly Larisse Silva

Research Database Coordinator – Portuguese to English (since 2020)

Valdielly is a geologist who graduated from the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) in Brazil and received her MSc in Geosciences from the same institution in 2019. Inspired and encouraged by Suzi Huff Theodoro, Valdielly and other two colleagues (Nayara Mesquita and Thales Lúcio) founded the startup Reminera – Soluções em Agrogeologia. The enterprise is incubated at UFPE and helps Brazilian quarries and mining companies to fulfill requirements for regulation of soil remineralizers. Through analytical services and bureaucratic advice, Valdielly helps to guarantee that the remineralizers in the market are efficient and safe to use. As research database coordinator of RTE, she promotes and keeps on building our research database, following the path that has been a tremendous contribution of our previous directors, Veronika Miranda Chase and Lucas Pozzobon de Bem.

Benjamin T. Rancourt

Science Editor and Writer (since 2016)

Benjamin RancourtBenjamin T. Rancourt received his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2016. His continuing philosophical research focuses on understanding, knowledge, and science, among other topics. This research ties into his wider goal of encouraging deeper understanding of ourselves, our strengths, and our limitations. He hopes that greater understanding will help us use the resources available to us to preserve what is good and address what is wrong. Walking is his primary mode of transportation. He appreciates the natural world. He lives in North Carolina with his wife Julia, where he is a Teaching Assistant Professor at North Carolina State University and William Peace University.

Carter Haydu

Science Writer (since 2019)

Carter HayduCarter Haydu is a writer, reporter, and journalist based in Alberta and Saskatchewan. He works for JuneWarren-Nickle’s Energy Group, with regular articles appearing in the Daily Oil Bulletin. He is a freelance columnist with the award-winning Quad Town Forum weekly newspaper, based in Vibank, Saskatchewan. He also contributes content for a series of magazines in and around Regina and Saskatoon. He received a BA in Political Science and Philosophy from Augustana University College in 2001 and a diploma in journalism from Grant Macewan College in 2005.

Debbie Patskowski

Science Writer (since 2021)

Debbie Patskowski is a senior petrophysicist and freelance writer on Medium, covering such topics as geology, science, and space exploration. Her professional areas of expertise include identification of minerals, rock types, and pore fluids using remote sensing (borehole) measurements. She has a BS in Geology and Environmental Sciences from Stanford and an MBA from the German University in Cairo. She and her husband live in Colorado where she enjoys running and hiking in the Rocky Mountains.

Emma Cutler

Science Writer (since 2020)

Emma Cutler holds a PhD in engineering sciences from Dartmouth College and a BA in math and environmental studies from Bowdoin College. Currently working on flood vulnerability assessments in the Great Lakes, she has experience in systems modeling for climate adaptation and studied sustainable agriculture movements in Sri Lanka as a Fulbright research student. She is passionate about translating science to non-technical audiences and incorporating science into decision making for climate action.

William Binette

Science Writer and Grant Writer (since 2020)

Will is a recent graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder helping the RTE team in grant acquisition and content writing for our website.  Holding a bachelors degree in environmental studies with a focus on environmental governance, Will looks to combine his education and written communication skills to bring remineralization techniques into the spotlight of climate change policy.  In his spare time, Will enjoys hiking, skiing, camping, and other activities that allow him to spend time in wilderness. In addition to his contributions to RTE, Will works on freelance writing projects and repairs outdoor recreation equipment. He hopes that gaining a better understanding of financially viable climate solutions like remineralization will help him craft impactful and long-lasting solutions in the future for maintaining environmental well-being and economic stability.

Autumn VanBuskirk

Science Writer (since 2020)

Autumn VanBuskirk is a student at the University of Texas at Tyler who is working towards her BA in English with a minor in Language and Technology. After receiving her BA, she plans to continue her education by working towards an MA in English with a focus in rhetoric and composition. She writes and publishes poetry, news articles, and academic essays. Currently, she is an editor for a literary magazine and a writing tutor for the University of Texas at Tyler. She wanted to find ways to learn more about the environment, so she became a volunteer science writer with Remineralize the Earth. She is excited to learn more about remineralization and its impact on the environment as well as improving the earth for future generations.

Maggie McMillin

Science Writer (since 2020)

Maggie is a writer and editor based in Michigan. She volunteers for RTE as a science writer and video editor and has also contributed to the Wikipedia team. She is interested in environmental justice and sustainability and is excited to support RTE’s mission.



Alyssa Quicquaro

Science Writer and Social Media (since 2020)

AlyssaAlyssa is eager to put her passion for sustainable and natural endeavors to practice by becoming a part of the RTE community. Alyssa recently graduated with a degree in Neurobiology from Boston University and is excited to pave her professional path through all avenues of science. She currently sits on an Advisory Board for the small non-profit Movement Exchange, and is excited to continue to expand her presence and impact in the non-profit community with RTE.

Cameron Gross

Science Writer (since 2020)

Seeking to expand her knowledge of soil fertility and remineralization, Cameron has joined our team as a volunteer to enrich her life and those around her with a deeper understanding of Geotherapy, low impact and sustainability. As an artist, writer, activist and interior designer in the Washington, DC area, Cameron has incorporated sustainable and low impact practices into her client projects and community and continues to do so through events showcasing local artists and activists. A dedication to giving back to this celestial giant drives our newest volunteer to ACT. Cameron is looking to implement these guidelines and more into her overarching path of Hedonistic Sustainable Architecture. Her hope is that RTE plants its seeds of awareness and restorative principles to the people inhabiting this planet so that we might once break bread as deeply nurturing as the ones we break it with.

Katherine Robayo Vanegas

Spanish Language Correspondent

Katherine Robayo Vanegas pictureKatherine Robayo Vanegas graduated from University Catholic of Pereira in Colombia with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business. She has a certificate on Children and Climate Change as well as Project Management. She has also followed courses in Politics and Human Rights at Smith College. She worked for two years as a volunteer with the Circle of Care that helps refugee families in Northampton, Massachusetts. Katherine speaks Spanish as her first language, fluent English and has an intermediate knowledge of Portuguese. She believes we all can do something to make the world a better place to live and wants to be an inspiration to positively impact other people’s lives. She is currently working at RTE as the Spanish Correspondent and hopes to use her knowledge and efforts on communicating and raising awareness of sustainable development issues.

Angelina Knežević

Grant Writer

Angelina graduated with a BA in Anthropology and Liberal Studies. Her academic background has cultivated strong research and writing skills that are being utilized as a grant writer for the RTE team. She hopes to support the sustainable initiatives RTE is making toward a healthier environment.


Sarah O’Connell

Grant Writer

Sarah is an education professional with a BA in Psychology and M.Ed. in Higher Education Leadership. Her background is mainly within the education field and working with early adults through their college career. Sarah has experience in grant writing with nonprofits and is excited to expand her knowledge in that area and bettering our planet in the process.

Naomi Liebhold

Grant Writer

Naomi has an M.Ed. in Environmental Education from Western Washington University and a BA in American Studies from Smith College.  Her graduate research informed efforts toward ensuring all children and families have opportunities to gain the benefits nature immersion offers.  Over the last five years, Naomi has designed, implemented, and managed education programs with a mission to foster positive environmental attitudes and informed environmental decision-making.  She is thrilled to be a part of the RTE grant writing team and is excited to apply her research and writing skills to support RTE’s sustainable initiatives.

Yona Brodeur

Creative UX Designer+

Yona is bringing a background in permaculture along with technical design skills to help design the Let’s Remineralize! science education project..



Jaya Patten

Assistant to the Executive Director

Jaya is a sophomore at Case Western Reserve University. There, she is a Baker-Nord Scholar majoring in Political Science and Economics with minors in French and Mathematics. She primarily assists the Executive Director, but is also involved with the grant writing team, Let’s Remineralize!, and the Wikipedia team..


Nant Tha Phyu (Nadia)

Assistant to the Executive Director 

Nadia graduated with a BBA in Management and minored in Ecosystem Science and Policy from the University of Miami. Her goal is to combine her passion for sustainability and business to help organizations around the world achieve long-term value and success by structuring sustainable and transparent operating frameworks for a positive social and environmental impact. Nadia decided to join Remineralize the Earth (RTE) because believes in the work dedicated to regenerating soils, it supports her continuous learning about the issues that surround our planet, and the endless possibilities to solve them. At RTE she hopes to play a crucial role in solving the toughest challenges that face the organization and do her part for a world with “better soils, better food and a better planet”.

Enzo Viarengo

Communications Project Manager

Enzo has been putting his B.S. in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst to work by organizing team projects. He has spearheaded the Wikipedia page project as a writer and as a group coordinator. Aiming to raise public awareness for Remineralize the Earth and for soil remineralization’s potential, Enzo brings a true passion for environmentalism..


Logan Li Saenz

South Florida Projects, Lets Remineralize! Science Ed K-12

Logan Saenz, a Broward Sierra Political Committee volunteer and graduate of the CLEO Institute’s Climate Action Lab, is a student at Pembroke Pines Charter High School. He is particularly devoted to the sciences, serving as the Community Service Manager for the school’s Science National Honor Society chapter. As a volunteer for Remineralize the Earth, Logan develops lesson plans and coordinates experiments to teach students about the scientific method and environmental science — with research behind enhanced (rock) weathering as a vehicle to do so. He also commits a significant portion of his time to crafting educational materials for Mission Blue’s Florida Gulf Coast Hope Spot in his role as an ambassador for Blue-Green Connections. When he is not analyzing the En-ROADS Climate Solutions Simulator and practicing the En-ROADS Climate Workshop with Broward Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Logan is likely to be found at the Town of Pembroke Park Community Garden and Agro-Eco Orchard, where he has cultivated a better understanding of equity in relation to environmentalism.

Laura Manno


Laura has her B.S. and an MBA from Hawaii Pacific University. Laura volunteers with RTE and Joanna because of her commitment to make the Earth a better place. Living in Lake Tahoe she has seen climate change first-hand with the reduction in clarity of the lake, as well as algae proliferation. In light of the current political environment, this spurred her even more to help in reducing our carbon footprint, as well as remineralizing this Earth we continually take from.

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