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Breaking ground: Professor makes “rocks for crops” reality in Cameroon

In the early 2000s, Jean Pierre Nguetnkam from the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Ngaoundéré, Cameroon, was inspired to start a research program on soil remineralization.

ERW24: Enhanced Rock Weathering Conference

Time & Location Conference Title: ERW24: Enhanced Rock Weathering Conference Host Organizations: Yale University Date: Apr 26 – Apr 27, 2024 Location: Yale University, Friday: Kline Geology Laboratory 210 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT 06511. Saturday: Marsh Lecture Hall Gibbs Lab, 260 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT 06511 Conference Description: “Join us at ERW24, the second annual Enhanced Rock Weathering Conference, held at Yale University. This conference aims to bring together experts in the field to discuss topics such as commercialization, cost, implementation, and new scientific advancements in rock weathering.” Special ...

Recent Advances in the Tanzania Project: New partnerships and new tools

Since 2023, Remineralize the Earth has partnered with Engineers Without Borders - Tanzania (EWB-Tanzania) to produce and distribute an all natural fertilizer.

In Flux: Former UK Army Officer Leads Revolutionary Rock-Weathering Company In Kenya

Flux is collaborating with UNCCD (United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification) and consulting with Remineralize the Earth on a mineral-rock trial with 50 smallholder Western Kenyan farmers.

From Agrimagined to Agreality in Africa

Nature finds ways of directing resources to where they are needed most, but if your eyes are not tuned to see these processes, they get taken for granted. Bryan Ollier has spent years honing this observational skill and has gained many lessons of how the natural world shares its nutrients. His recent work has sought to take these lessons and use them to make agriculture work with these natural processes, rather than against them.  Ollier has been partnering with Joseph Kinuthia of Kenya through their organization Agrimagined since 2021 to find innovative ways to tackle the challenges that farmers face in rural Africa. The bulk of the work ...

New Campaign Supporting Project to Address Food Insecurity in Tanzania

In partnership with Engineers Without Borders Tanzania, RTE is raising funds to introduce rock dust and biochar to soils in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania to improve soil fertility, crop yields, and income for farmers.

The Riches of Rock Dust, by the Get Real Alliance

The Get Real Alliance has released a documentary series covering topics from founder David Munson’s book Get Real: A Positive Solution to Climate Change. The eight episodes released so far describe the carbon cycle, biochar and rock dust, as well as issues related to grasslands, forests, oceans and more.  The Get Real Alliance explains their goals as follows: “The Get Real Alliance supports rock dust remineralization of soil and wetlands, biochar additions to soil for fertility and water retention, marine wetland restoration and overall agricultural changes.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKy4xikNEuk The video above, “Episode 5: ...

Viva La Raw: Inventor Transforms Costa Rican Farming With Local Artisan’s Rock Dust

Nestled within the lush Costa Rican landscapes, a health-conscious innovator and horticultural pioneer has been rewriting the rules of farming.

The Riches of Rock Dust, by the Get Real Alliance

Episode 5 of an 8 part series around positive solution for climate change, created by the Get Real Alliance

Mati Carbon Removals Fights Climate Change, Enables Climate Resilience for Marginal Farmers in India

Shantanu Agarwal is a climate tech entrepreneur on a mission to improve the lives of marginal farmers while simultaneously fighting climate change. In 2021, he founded Mati Carbon Removals, a project of the Swaniti Initiative, a 501(c)(3) non-profit with offices in the US and India. Shantanu Agarwal (far right) with colleagues and helpers collecting samples in the field. Photo courtesy of Mati.  In a July 2023 episode of the OpenAir webinar series, “This is CDR,” Agarwal had this to say about his new project: “The mission at Mati is essentially enabling climate resilience for marginal farmers. That’s where it started, and that ...