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Seeds of Education: RTE Teams Up with NASCO to Help Ghana Students Grow Trees

Remineralization initiative at Ghana schools Remineralize the Earth is teaming up with the NASCO Foundation, which aims to plant fruit-bearing trees at 23 schools in Ghana, to teach students to care for nature as part of the ongoing fight against global climate change, while also contributing to the financial sustainability of their schools and generating local employment. For its part, RTE plans to coordinate the application of rock dust at one to three of the schools to create a more diverse agroforestry system along with the cashew trees. Potential candidates for the agroforestry system include shea and mango (which are feasible provided there ...

Life from Rock: EcoStone Changing the Landscape of Farming

Guido A. López Cárdenas with a crop of table grapes in Spain grown with EcoStone. (Disponible en español.) EcoStone is a mineral fertilizer that not only meets the strictest criteria of organic agriculture, but also promises to significantly boost crop productivity and nutrient density to feed a growing population’s growing appetite. With 92 natural elements that return key nutrients to the soil, EcoStone composition rapidly dissolves in water for fast soil enrichment. Further, the rock dust fertilizer contains a magnetic field, which helps with small pest control. By contrast, more conventional industrial methods of crop interve...

Launching the Real Food Campaign

Dan Kittredge, founder and executive directotr of the Bionutrient Food Association.   On November 28, 2017, the Bionutrient Food Association launched the Real Food Campaign to “Increase Quality in the Food Supply”. The campaign bridges the food, health, environmental, and climate movements to build tools for transparency in the food supply. By defining and measuring food quality, a new metric can be established to promote healthy farming practices. This, in turn, will provide accountability for farmers and consumers to produce and purchase high-quality food. The objectives of the campaign were introduced at the Seventh Annual Soil and ...

Rochagem Congress Part 3: Dr. Clenio Pillon on Agricultural Advances for Food Sovereignty in Brazil

Dr. Clenio Pillon, Lead Researcher at Embrapa’s Temperate Climate Center in Pelotas.   Miranda Chase, the director of RTE’s online research database, gave a presentation and represented us at the III Brazilian Rochagem Congress. You can read more about the conference in our previous articles here and here. “Brazil is one of the largest food producers in the world, but at the same time, it is highly dependent on the importation of fertilizers, with a direct implication on the costs and competitiveness of agriculture.” This is how The III Brazilian Rochagem Congress describes the issue it seeks to address. Remineralization offers a ...

Regenerative Veganic Gardening for Pure Food and Health

Since a growing number of us care about human and animal well-being, as well as the fate of the whole Earth, we should look at all the ways that our caring, our compassion, can translate into actions that truly make a difference. Let’s explore how we can take local and “backyard” actions that will provide us with the highest quality pure vegan foods while contributing to the regeneration of the Earth’s soil and whole integrated system of life-support. (more…)

Vertical Gardening

Aeroponic gardening is a cutting edge and revolutionary new way to bring remineralized foods to your rooftop! Vertical, aeroponic growing systems allow you to grow a whole cornucopia of vegetables, herbs, and flowers with no backyard and minimal space. The system is perfect for urban and suburban dwellers seeking fresh, locally sourced, and nutrient-dense food. (more…)

The Florence Community Gardens in Northampton, Massachusetts Readied for Spring Groundbreaking (with video)

NORTHAMPTON – The much anticipated community gardens in Florence is already rocking to the tune of 80,000 pounds of finely ground rock dust in preparation for groundbreaking by 100 “pioneer” farmers next spring. (more…)

RTE coordinator Daniel Giraldo promotes the use of rock dust in Colombia

The Western Andes Range has one of the richest mineral deposits of volcanic origin in the Andes Mountains. This is where Daniel Giraldo, coordinator for Remineralize the Earth (RTE) in Colombia and owner of Agrempacados E.U., obtains the raw material for the rock dust that he offers to local farmers for soil remineralization. (more…)

Dr. Tso-Cheng Chang: The Amazing Tale of a Farmer, From Farm to Table

Tso-Cheng Chang is a small-scale farmer in Amherst, Massachusetts. His popular restaurant, Amherst Chinese Food, attracts people from all over the Pioneer Valley to its fresh, organic, delicious Chinese food. Dr. Chang is a strong believer in soil remineralization; he has been using rock dust on his organic farm since 1995 in his determined quest to eliminate the need for pesticides and to grow nutrient-dense food. At this point, his soil has become so rich that he has not felt the need to add rock dust in the last five years. Born in a small town in Shandong Province, China, in the late 1920s, Dr. Chang traveled to Taiwan and earned an undergraduate ...

Remineralization In Rural Brazil

A research project in Bahia proves remineralization to be an effective adjunct strategy for remote impoverished communities to produce higher yields of quality crops while remaining independent from chemical fertilizers and government subsidies. (more…)