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Life from Rock: EcoStone Changing the Landscape of Farming

Guido A. López Cárdenas with a crop of table grapes in Spain grown with EcoStone. (Disponible en español.) EcoStone is a mineral fertilizer that not only meets the strictest criteria of organic agriculture, but also promises to significantly boost crop productivity and nutrient density to feed a growing population’s growing appetite. With 92 natural elements that return key nutrients to the soil, EcoStone composition rapidly dissolves in water for fast soil enrichment. Further, the rock dust fertilizer contains a magnetic field, which helps with small pest control. By contrast, more conventional industrial methods of crop interve...

High School Project with Aji Peppers Show Increased Growth with Rock Dust and Compost

In our previous article “Students Gain Hands-On Experience with Remineralization at Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School,” RTE reported on a remineralization experiment carried out in part by high school students. Aji peppers were planted to test the effect of rock dust on plant growth. Now, the results of the experiment are in.   Background In 2014, Remineralize the Earth (RTE) received a grant of $5000 from the Judith Haskell Brewer Fund of the Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia to coordinate several local projects and create a resilient remineralization network in the Pioneer Valley. These initiatives ...

Collaboration in the Caribbean – One Island’s Volcanic Ash Could Enrich Another Island’s Soil

Student and teacher John Mussington examining eggplant fruits to determine growth differences between plants grown in soil mixed with Monserrat volcanic ash vs the control.   A review of Chapter 19 from Geotherapy: Innovative Methods of Soil Fertility Restoration, Carbon Sequestration, and Reversing CO2 Increase.   In the Caribbean, two islands face economic and agricultural challenges due to their unique geology. Montserrat suffered a major eruption of the Soufrière Hills volcano in 1995, which covered much of the island in ash and rendered the land unavailable. Two thirds of the population fled the island, and to this day over ...

Exciting Community Projects Underway with Grant from Judith Haskell Brewer Fund

We are excited to announce that in April 2014, the Judith Haskell Brewer Fund of the Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia has donated $5,000 to support Remineralize the Earth initiatives. (more…)

Alleviating Hunger and Poverty in Cameroon

Remineralize the Earth is partnering with Research and Education Centre for Development (CREPD) to develop an agroforestry project to benefit small farmers in Cameroon - utilizing rock dust and intercropping nitrogen-fixing jatropha with fruit and nut trees to restore soils, increase yields, and provide food, fuel and income for local communities. (more…)

VIDEO: Remineralizing Brazil, Dr. Suzi Huff Theodoro

We're heading over to Brasília to interview Suzi Huff Theodoro, a geologist with a PhD in sustainable development, her particular focus:  remineralizing soils! Suzi is a research professor at the University of Brasilia and she also has been an advisor to the Brazilian Parliament for the environment and agriculture. She's been engaged in projects and research on remineralization for over 15 years. Read the full transcript here.

Remineralization Workshop in Cameroon

April 2011 marks the modest beginnings of a new era of sustainable development in Cameroon. A two-day workshop beginning April 1st, sponsored by Remineralize the Earth (RTE) and organized by Dr. Gilbert Kuepouo, introduced the principles and practices of remineralization in the context of a new agriculture for Cameroon. This small country in central Africa is a place of natural diversity and rich agricultural traditions, but in recent years, industrialized farming has taken a heavy toll on the health of the environment and the integrity of rural communities. (more…)

Watch the Documentary on Remineralization in Rural Brazil

RTE has released a documentary about a research project proving remineralization to be an effective and sustainable strategy for producing higher yields and nutrient dense crops in remote Brazilian communities. Click "Read more" to watch the video in Portuguese with English subtitles. (more…)

RTE Coordinator Promotes Sustainable Development in Cameroon

The African nation of Cameroon is a place of rich agricultural traditions and great natural diversity. Semi-arid regions in the north transition through the Savannah Highlands into tropical rainforests in the south. Gilbert Kuepouo, Cameroon’s Remineralize the Earth (RTE) coordinator, knows all these ecosystems as if they are old friends—he has been studying them since his childhood. (more…)

Remineralization In Rural Brazil

A research project in Bahia proves remineralization to be an effective adjunct strategy for remote impoverished communities to produce higher yields of quality crops while remaining independent from chemical fertilizers and government subsidies. (more…)