Remineralize the Earth is a non-profit organization whose mission is to disseminate ideas and practice about soil remineralization throughout the world. Membership and donations are tax-deductible. Remineralize the Earth is the leading knowledge base for a network that stretches to every continent.

Thank you, members and readers, for your contributions: results of remineralization, photos, articles, experiences and initiatives dedicated to soil remineralization for ecological and community sustainability — this website is a reflection of all of you.

Remineralize the Earth, Inc., is a 501(c)3 non-profit membership organization, EIN 22-3411880.

For 990 forms and other financial information, contact Joanna Campe at or visit GuideStar.

Joanna Campe, Founder and Executive Director

Joanna CampeJoanna became an advocate for remineralization in the 1980s, and produced the magazine Remineralize the Earth, facilitating a worldwide network. In 1995 she founded the Northampton, Massachusetts based non profit, Remineralize the Earth. She works to raise public awareness of the role that soil remineralization with finely ground rock dust, sea minerals and other natural means plays in agriculture, reforestation, carbon sequestration, and climate stabilization.

She now has several decades of related conference participation, project organization, media development, authorship, public speaking, professional networking, policy advocacy, and public awareness building. Most recently she has co-edited and co-authored Geotherapy: Innovative Methods of Soil Fertility Restoration, Carbon Sequestration, and Reversing CO2 Increase*, a technical book on remineralization and biochar, to be published in 2014 by CRC Press. She is also currently coordinating the New Harmony Farm Research Project in Massachusetts to test for optimal ratios of rock dust, biochar and compost and measure nutrient density and carbon sequestration, as well as proposals for projects in Cameroon and Nigeria. She recently spoke at the II Brazilian Stonemeal Congress (II BSC) in Pocos De Caldas, May 12-17 2013.

Ljuba Marsh, President

Founder of Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter School and The Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School

Ljuba is an educator with over fifty years of experience, working on educational reform in  public and private schools in New York and Massachusetts. Ljuba has researched, developed, and facilitated educational programs at pre-school, elementary, secondary, college and graduate school levels, and is the author of Creative Vision, a workbook for nurturing creativity in elementary school children.  

Ljuba also helped establish: The Hampshire Shakespeare Company, Creative Alternatives, Professional Training Incorporated, and Creative Vision.

Ljuba believes that our future depends on remineralizing soils around the world and ensuring that every individual has access to quality food.

Greg Watson, Board Director

Former Commissioner of Agriculture for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Greg WatsonGreg Watson was sworn in as the Department’s 19th Commissioner by Governor Deval Patrick on April 2, 2012. He also served as Commissioner (1990 to 1993) under then Governors Dukakis and Weld. His major accomplishments as Commissioner during his first tenure included the promulgation of innovative groundwater protection regulations designed to prevent contamination of aquifer recharge areas; outreach program to farmers to adopt integrated pest management techniques; worked to make Massachusetts the first state to establish a dairy pricing system; and clarification of acceptable agriculture practices under the Wetlands Protection Act. Prior to being Commissioner, he worked as the Senior Advisor for Clean Energy Technology within the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs. Commissioner Watson is an original founding board director of Remineralize the Earth.

Tom Goreau, Board Director

President, Global Coral Reef Alliance

Tom GoreauTom Goreau is President of the Global Coral Reef Alliance, a non-profit organization for coral reef protection and sustainable management, and Coordinator of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development Partnership in New Technologies for Small Island Developing States. He works with tropical fishing communities and organizations around the world to restore their coral reefs and fisheries. He is also a trained nuisance crocodile remover who would rather not. Dr. Goreau is the researcher for Remineralize the Earth’s New Harmony Farm CSA Research Project. He is working to determine optimal ratios of rock dust, biochar and compost for use in agriculture, to create foods with high nutrient density and maximum carbon sequestration. He did a significant study on remineralization showing more than eight times the biomass for trees grown in Panama with basalt rock dust over a five-year period, and showing increases in major macro and mico-nutrients. He is the main editor and co-author of Geotherapy: Innovative Methods of Soil Fertility Restoration, Carbon Sequestration, and Reversing CO2 Increase, a technical book on remineralization and biochar, to be published in 2014 by CRC Press.

Michael Garjian, Board Director

Commercial and Social Entrepreneur
Inventor, CarbonStar CO2 Removal Technology

Michael GarjianMichael Garjian is a commercial and social entrepreneur, holding 9 worldwide patents, and employing 400 individuals in the US and Australia, who work manufacturing his inventions. He is also a longtime consultant to Greasecar Vegetable Fuel Systems, developer of kits enabling diesel vehicles to run on waste or virgin vegetable oils. President of Vegetable Energy Group, d/b/a Vee-go Energy to produce alternative, non-fossil based fuels. CEO, Angel Eyes Produce of New England, establishing biofuel powered Cityfarms to grow certified organic crops indoors in inner city buildings while employing inner city youth and residents at living wages. Michael founded on 1/1/2000 to establish first cell of a new patent pending alternative and sustainable economic model for the USA and other free market economies. His goal is to use renewable energy to grow safe, organic, nutritious crops within inner cities as an industrial base to expand the E2M Economic Model, to achieve social and economic transformation.

Tara Zadeh, Board Director

Former General Counsel, MA Dept of Agriculture Resources
Senior Counsel, Nature Conservancy

Tara ZadehTara began work with the Nature Conservancy in 1999. She is currently the Senior Counsel with them, and previously served as their senior lawyer. She was a private legal consultant with Fenn and Associates from 1999 until 2012, and a licensed site professional board for Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. She was previously the General Counsel for the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources from 1990 to 1997. Tara is an original founding board director of Remineralize the Earth.

Tony Saldanha, Board Director

Former Vice President, Global Business Services, Procter & Gamble
Transformant, Author
Why Digital Transformations Fail

Tony Saldanha is a globally recognized expert and thought-leader in Global Business Services (GBS) and Digital Technology. He ran Procter & Gamble’s famed multi-billion dollar GBS and IT operations in every region across the world during a 27 year career there.  Tony has over three decades of international business expertise in the US, Europe, and Asia. He was named on Computerworld’s Premier 100 IT Professionals list in 2013. Tony’s experiences include GBS design and operations, CIO positions, acquisitions and divestitures, outsourcing, disruptive innovation, and creation of new business models.  Tony is currently President of Transformant, a consulting organization that advises over 20 Fortune 100 companies around the world in digital transformation and global business services. He is also a founder of two blockchain and AI companies, and an adviser to venture capital companies. His book titled Why Digital Transformations Fail was released globally in July 2019 and ranked #1 on Amazon’s New Releases for Organizational Change, listed on publisher Berrett-Koehler’s best-sellers for July 2019, and recommended by various publishing forums like CEO-Reads, Book-Pal, CEO Library and others. Forbes contributor Michelle Greenwald called it the “best business book ever that you’re yet to read”.

In Remembrance of William Holmberg, Founding Board Director (1996 – 2016)

Co-Founder, American Council of Renewable Energy (ACORE)

William HolmbergBill was a co-founder of ACORE, and most recently served on the Board of Directors as chairman of the Biomass Coordinating Council and LAC-CORE, in 2013 he moved onto the ACORE Board of Advisors. Bill brought an additional thirteen years of experience in the federal government supporting sustainable agriculture and energy technologies, with a focus on biofuels. While at the EPA, FEO, FEA, and DOE, Bill helped to pioneer the ethanol and biodiesel industries. He retired from the federal government at the Senior Executive Service level. Bill spent an additional twenty-one years in the private sector, managing small businesses and associations relating to biofuels, including the New Uses Council and the Biomass Coordinating Council. He was a founding member of the Sustainable Energy Coalition (SEC), which makes major contributions to the Senate and House Renewable and Energy Efficiency (RE & EE) Caucus. Bill was an original founding board director of Remineralize the Earth who made a tremendous contribution to RTE and will be greatly missed.

Board of Advisors

Suzi Huff Theodoro, Ph.D., University of Brasilia, Brazil
Eder MartinsPh.D., EMBRAPA, Brazil Peter van Straaten, University of Guelph, author of Rocks for Crops
Peter van StraatenPh.D., University of Guelph, author of Rocks for Crops
William FyfePh.D., Professor emeritus and former chair of the Geology Dept and Dean of Science at the University of Western Ontario, and Former President of the IUGS
Ward Chesworth, Ph.D., University of Guelph
John Todd, Ocean Arks International and the Center for Restoration of Waters
Lee KlingerPh.D., Sudden Live Oak
Bob Cannard, Cannard Farms, Greenstring Institute
Don Weaver, co-author of The Survival of Civilization
Tom Vanacore, Rock Dust Local LLC

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