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This directory is a list of companies that offer products for remineralizing gardens and farms, orchards, landscaping, permaculture, and more. International sources are listed by country, and for the US by region.

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Basalt rock dust from Brazil.

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North Country Organics logoNorth Country Organics

Contact:Paul Sachs

Location:PO Box 372, 203 Depot Street
Bradford, VT 05033


North Country Organics was founded in 1983 with the concept that any type of agriculture or horticulture can be productive, successful, and more profitable without compromising the earth's delicate eco-system with harmful chemicals. We at NCO have carefully researched many biological products and formulated a selection that we feel will benefit agricultural and horticultural industries the most.

SeaAgri Solutions logo SeaAgri Solutions, LLC

Location:PO Box 682075, Marietta, GA 30068

Phone:770-361-6092 / 770-361-7003

The First Step in Regenerative Agriculture

SeaAgri Solutions is dedicated to the promotion of "sea energy agriculture" on a global basis for soil and crop remineralization for the production of nutrient-dense food. SeaAgri provides SEA-90® enriched sustainable ocean products containing 90 minerals and trace elements. SEA-90® mineral ocean crystals are created naturally from sea water in a remote and pristine environment, and are provided in several forms to accommodate most agricultural programs. It is utilized as a mineral salt for all livestock and poultry, as a bio-stimulant for the creation of compost and compost teas, as an amendment for soil remineralization, and is also easily dissolved for the foliar applications to remineralize and increase the nutrient density of forage, pasture, hay and all vegetable and field crops. SEA-90® products are OMRI Listed® for the production of all crops and livestock.

Sea-crop logo SEA-CROP® (Ambrosia Technology)

Contact:Arthur Ziegler

Location:PO Box 6 Raymond, WA 98577, USA

Phone:(360) 942-5698

SEA-CROP® is a unique product made by a proprietary process that removes 95% of the sodium chloride while concentrating the other minerals between 2,000% to 3,000%. It is safe to use without fear of adding too much sodium chloride to the soil. Because unnecessary salt is eliminated from the product, the beneficial trace and ultra-trace minerals are more concentrated, and only a few gallons per acre are needed to give good results.

Additionally, SEA-CROP® contains active organic substances of marine origin. All seawater contains fulvic acid. This, along with many other active organic substances is concentrated, resulting in unique bioactivity for a mineral product. The 90 elemental minerals and the compound minerals contained in SEA-CROP® are in ionic form, ready for immediate use by plants and soil microflora.

Producer Listings

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United States  

  • Wasatch Minerals
    Mesa, AZ
  • Agrowinn Fertilizers
    Encinitas, CA
  • HealthySoil
    Gonzalez, CA
  • Gropal
    Grand Junction, CO
  • U.S. Soil
    Salida, CO
  • OceanGrown
    Fort Pierce, FL
  • SeaAgri Solutions (Sea-90)
    Marietta, GA
    Complete spectrum mineral & trace element nutrition for the health of your Soil, Plants, Pastures, Animals, and more!
  • AG-USA
    Newman, GA
    Our product MycorrPlus combines the goodness of concentrated sea minerals with a soil amendment/fertilizer.
  • Ashfield Stone
    Ashfield, MA
  • North American Kelp
    Waldoboro, ME
  • Restora Life Minerals
    Bay Springs, MS
  • Act Nevada
    Fernley, NV
  • Azomite
    Nephi, UT
  • Redmond Minerals
    Redmond, UT
  • North Country Organics
    Bradford, VT
    Products that benefit the agricultural and horticultural industries.
  • Rock Dust Local
    Bridport, VT
    The largest selection of local and regionally sourced rock dust for remineralization in North America.
    Raymond, WA
    SEA-CROP® is the most innovative organic certified agricultural amendment in over a generation.
  • Lithos Carbon
    Seattle, WA
  • Red Flint
    Eau Claire, WI


  • Organic Start
    Brisbane, Australia
  • MinPlus
    Innisfail, Australia
  • Ecodust
    Merricks, Australia
  • Munash Natural Fertilizers
    Pootilla, Australia
  • Castle Mountain Zeolite
    Quirindi, Australia
  • Earthlife
    Rockville, Australia
  • Robert Schindele GesmbH
    Gansbach, Austria
  • Biolit
    Oberndorf, Austria
  • Azerbazalt
    Baku, Azerbaijan
  • DCM
    Grobbendonk, Belgium
  • RockALL
    Limeira, Brazil
  • Gaia Green Products
    Grand Forks, Canada
  • WesCan Marketing
    Red Deer, Canada
  • Huplaso
    Saint-Isidore, Canada
    We give life to your soil
  • McInnes Natural Fertilizers
    Stanstead, Canada
  • Global Repair Limited
    Toronto, Canada
  • Rock Powder Solutions
    Woodstock, Canada
  • Paramount Growth
    Yates Street, Canada
  • Alituraorganics
    Tangerang, Indonesia
  • Indo-Organic
    Tangerang, Indonesia
  • Seacliff Organics
    Dunedin , New Zealand
  • Angus Horticulture
    Angus, Scotland
  • Turbo-Grow
    Johannesburg, South Africa
    Creating optimal and sustainable plant growth that leads to more nutritious crops, healthier people
  • Lavagrow Mineral Products
    Port Elizabeth, South Africa
  • Living Soils
    London, UK
  • Envirolizer
    Skelmersdale, UK
    Swindon, UK

Distributor Listings

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United States  

  • Sea-90 Ocean Minerals
    Calexico, CA
    Sea-90 Ocean Minerals: (770) 361-6092
  • Grab N Grow Soil Products
    Santa Rosa, CA
  • Spare Time Supply
    Willits, CA
  • BuildASoil
    Montrose, CO
  • Bio-Green
    Elk Grove Village, IL
  • Yield Profit Challenge
    Eureka, IL
    Helping farmers meet profit & yield goals, improve plant & soil health, balance fertility, and improve whole system efficiency.
  • Crop Services International
    Grand Rapids, MI
  • Planet Natural
    Bozeman, MT
  • Ohio Earth Food
    Hartville, OH
  • Ocean Blue Agronomics
    Bristow, OK
    Agriculture business: Lynn Hoover, (717) 580-1458
  • Sustainable Agricultural Tech
    Cottage Grove, OR
  • Down to Earth Distributers
    Eugene, OR
  • Concentrates
    Milwaukee, OR
  • Fertrell
    Bainbridge, PA
  • Soil Max
    Blain, PA
    Sea-90 Ocean Minerals: Raymond Wise (717) 673-3882

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