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XX Taller Internacional de Agricultura Orgánica

Conference Title: XX Taller Internacional de Agricultura Orgánica Host Organizations: EcoAgro Date: April 24-27, 2024 Location: Centro Guamúchil, Sinaloa, Mexico Conference Description: “We invite you from April 24 to 27 to be part of this event, which we hold every year in order to teach and share experiences, under the theme of the 3M: Organic Matter, Minerals and Mircoorganisms, this year is the XX edition, attend to work together for a healthier environment!” "Te invitamos del 24 al 27 de abril a ser parte de este evento, que cada año realizamos con el fin de enseñar y compartir experiencias, bajo el esquema de las 3M ...

A True Hero: Bernardo Castro Medina Intensifies His Remineralization Efforts in 2020

Version original en Español: https://www.remineralize.org/2020/04/un-verdadero-heroe-bernardo-castro-medina-intensifica-sus-esfuerzos-de-remineralizacion-en-2020/ Bernardo Castro Medina is a remineralization superhero for our time! Through his ongoing workshops for farmers and his yearly Expo and conference, he has facilitated many tens of thousands of hectares of agriculture in Mexico going organic while using rock dust with some of the most sophisticated formulations to be found anywhere in the world. This is a good example of the potential for agriculture to store carbon in our soils and create lasting soil fertility. --Joanna Campe, Executive ...

The Ecoagro Revolution in Mexico

Bernardo Castro Medina at the ECOAGRO expo in 2012. Diagram shows progressive loss of soils through erosion and remineralization as a solution.

Rock Dust, Mother Earth’s Milk

Compost supplemented with rock dust is assisting the sustainability of Sinaloa’s farmers after last year’s cold snap. Last February a cold snap that lasted one week destroyed 90% of the corn crop in the Mexican State of Sinaloa in what many have been described as the worst disaster in Sinaloa’s history. Other crops such as tomatoes, chickpeas, green beans, squash, and chilli peppers were also devastated. Thousands of farmers were affected with the overall cost estimated at $23 billion. (more…)