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The Odyssey of Matteo Mazzola – Rock Dust for Regenerative Agriculture in Italy

Matteo Mazzola, founder of Terra Organica and graduate in Agriculture, holds seminars on regenerative agriculture on a regular basis in Italy and abroad. He works as a consultant and instructor at various farms, including the ISIDE farm, which he co-founded, employing the principles of Nutraceuticals and Agroecology. He has learned from world-renowned teachers, thus consolidating the principles of soil regeneration. “During my childhood I had my first contact with the world of agriculture,” Mazzola says. “The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency by John Seymour always permeated the walls of my home as a sort of magic symbol. Many memories ...

Towards a Geotherapy Institute

(Edited for this publication by Carter Haydu; Originally published: https://cologie.wordpress.com/2020/02/16/32-towards-a-geotherapy-institute-vers-la-creation-dun-institut-pour-une-geotherapie-en-francais-plus-bas/) Creating a Geotherapy Institute has re-emerged as an idea in recent weeks, energized largely thanks to Mackenze McAleer and his Geonauts — a company involved with the exciting new field of ‘graviculture’.   Geonauts joins the Geotherapy Institute cause Soil4climate’s Seth Itzkan and Karl Thidemann, promoters of Alan Savory’s holistic grazing management, as well as Thomas Goreau and Joanna Campe, co-authors and co-edit...

A Visit to André Leu’s Regenerative Organic Fruit Farm in Queensland

Methods for regenerating soil carbon and fertility have been developed for every soil and climate. I recently visited André Leu's organic fruit farm in Queensland, Australia. I was accompanied by a Toronto documentary film crew funded by the Canadian government.