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Huplaso Grows: Natural Mineralizer from New Brunswick Quarry Making Inroads Across Canada, World

(Updated May 7, 2023) Jean-Paul Dubé The Huplaso quarry in Bathurst, New Brunswick, contains a rock that is rich in more than 57 minerals (macro, micro and trace elements) and is ideal for soil remineralization and organic plant growth. “It increases about 27% the health of the plant,” said Stéphane Losier, business development director. He added that the product, made from ultramafic basalt-type volcanic rock dust, improves yields by more than 35%, balances pH and increases soil paramagnetism levels.  According to Jean-Paul Dubé, Huplaso’s North American sales manager, paramagnetism produces a potentially beneficial ...

The Odyssey of Matteo Mazzola – Rock Dust for Regenerative Agriculture in Italy

Matteo Mazzola, founder of Terra Organica and graduate in Agriculture, holds seminars on regenerative agriculture on a regular basis in Italy and abroad. He works as a consultant and instructor at various farms, including the ISIDE farm, which he co-founded, employing the principles of Nutraceuticals and Agroecology. He has learned from world-renowned teachers, thus consolidating the principles of soil regeneration. “During my childhood I had my first contact with the world of agriculture,” Mazzola says. “The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency by John Seymour always permeated the walls of my home as a sort of magic symbol. Many memories ...

A True Hero: Bernardo Castro Medina Intensifies His Remineralization Efforts in 2020

Version original en Español: https://www.remineralize.org/2020/04/un-verdadero-heroe-bernardo-castro-medina-intensifica-sus-esfuerzos-de-remineralizacion-en-2020/ Bernardo Castro Medina is a remineralization superhero for our time! Through his ongoing workshops for farmers and his yearly Expo and conference, he has facilitated many tens of thousands of hectares of agriculture in Mexico going organic while using rock dust with some of the most sophisticated formulations to be found anywhere in the world. This is a good example of the potential for agriculture to store carbon in our soils and create lasting soil fertility. --Joanna Campe, Executive ...

Alex Podolinsky (1925-2019) Was an Australian Biodynamic Farming Giant

In 1988 I had the good fortune, along with my husband Christian, to assist Christopher Bird and Peter Tompkins on their upcoming book Secrets of the Soil, after their previous worldwide bestseller The Secret Life of Plants. I assisted on the chapters, “The Dust of Life” and “Life and Death in the Forest,” which focused on remineralization. During that year, Christopher Bird travelled to Australia to join Alex Podolinsky on his yearly tour of biodynamic farms, which covered over a million and a quarter acres of land. Christopher would send the hand-written scripts to me to give to Peter Tompkins. While on their tour from farm to farm, Alex ...

To Love and Regenerate the Earth: Pioneer spotlight on Don Weaver

“Generous worldwide soil remineralization is not just another nice idea or ‘option’ to make the world greener, but a most fundamental climate-rebalancing and world-saving necessity.” These are the words of Don Weaver — ecologist, researcher, writer, organic grower, and long-time Remineralize the Earth advisor — in his 2009 open letter welcoming and appealing to the new administration of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. As with his outreach to the Obamas, Weaver has dedicated 40 years of effort to educating the public of the great need to both stabilize and regenerate our soils to combat the overwhelming anthropogenic ...

RTE coordinator Daniel Giraldo promotes the use of rock dust in Colombia

The Western Andes Range has one of the richest mineral deposits of volcanic origin in the Andes Mountains. This is where Daniel Giraldo, coordinator for Remineralize the Earth (RTE) in Colombia and owner of Agrempacados E.U., obtains the raw material for the rock dust that he offers to local farmers for soil remineralization. (more…)

Don Weaver’s New Book

Don Weaver, co-author of The Survival of Civilization and long-time ally of Remineralize the Earth, has released a new e-book entitled Regenerate the Earth!: Nature's Call to Remineralize Our Soil, Re-Green Our Land, Rescue Our Climate and Restore Our Health. Don has compiled and edited a diverse collection of writings on topics such as remineralization, the benefits of raw food, organic gardening, soil fertility, and climate change. (more…)

Rock Dust and Pest Control

Among organic methods of pest control, rock dust is one of the safest for people, soil, and plants. (more…)

Delving into nutrient density

In the middle of the fertile Willamette Valley in western Oregon, farmer Bob Wilt walks the rows of his 75-acre organic blueberry farm critically plucking ripe fruit for analysis. What he’s looking for is not sweetness or pest resistance (though these factors are certainly involved), but the fruit’s nutrient density. Thus far, his berries measure up. Test.   (more…)

Farmer Campaigns for Nutrient Dense Food Production

Beginning in the 1950s, America’s farmers were told to get big, or get out. It wasn’t just a slogan, it was USDA policy, a mantra recited by several secretaries of agriculture. That mindset, combined with a post-WWII explosion in chemical fertilizer use, made our farms larger and more productive than ever — but at a high price, with many small farmers vanishing and the introduction of new kinds of environmental challenges. (more…)