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Measurements in Geochemical Carbon Dioxide Removal

Cara N. Maesano; Connor Turvey; Fiona Sturgeon; Georgina Margaret Rosair; James S. Campbell; Jess Hamilton; Jim Buckman; Kirsty Harrington; Laura Bastianini; Liam Bullock; Olivia K. Hawrot; Phil Holdship; Philip A. E. Pogge von Strandmann; Sasha Wilson; Spyros Foteinis; Veronica Furey; William J. Knapp; William M. Mayes

2023ReportEnglishCarbon Sequestration; Climate Change

Potential for atmospheric carbon dioxide removal in mafic quarries via enhanced rock weathering of basalt fines

Faisal Khudur; John MacDonald; Linzi McDade; Mark Friel

2024Conference ProceedingsEnglishCarbon Sequestration; Climate Change

The potential for carbon dioxide removal by enhanced rock weathering in the tropics: An evaluation of Costa Rica

A. Grimes; A. Santis; A. Takoudes; C. Stone; E. Soderstrom; E. Vanderkloot; M. Bhatti; M. Ellis; P. Tulay; P.C. Ryan; S. Caddle; S. Silverman

2024Journal ArticleEnglishAgriculture; Climate Change

The impact of geochemical and life-cycle variables on carbon dioxide removal by enhanced rock weathering: Development and application of the Stella ERW model

Antonio Nilson Zamuner Filho; Meteb Mejbel; Monica Carroll

2024Journal ArticleEnglishCarbon Sequestration; Climate Change

Initial agronomic benefits of enhanced weathering using basalt: A study of spring oat in a temperate climate

2024Journal ArticleEnglishAgriculture; Agrogeology

Organic carbon source controlled microbial olivine dissolution in small-scale flow-through bioreactors, for CO2 removal

Ivan A.; Alix; Harun; Jan Willem Van; Lukas; Marcus; Mathilde; Michiel Van; Reinaldy; Rosling; Sara; Siegfried E.; Thomas D. W.; Tullia

2024Journal ArticleEnglishCarbon Sequestration; Climate Change

Soil cation storage as a key control on the timescales of carbon dioxide removal through enhanced weathering

C.T.; J.; N.J.; S.; Y.

2024Journal ArticleEnglishClimate Change

India’s biogeochemical capacity to attain food security and remediate climate

Ishfaq Ahmad Mir; James Jerden; Joanna Campe; Thomas J F Goreau; Thomas J. F. Goreau

2023Journal ArticleEnglish

Environmental impacts and resource use of urban agriculture: a systematic review and meta-analysis

A. Horvath; B. Gabrielle; B. Goldstein; C. Aubry; E. Dorr

2021Journal ArticleEnglishAgriculture

Impact of Climate on the Global Capacity for Enhanced Rock Weathering on Croplands

Juan M. Lora; Noah Planavsky; Seung Baek; Shuang Zhang; Yoshiki Kenzaki

2023Journal ArticleEnglishCarbon Sequestration

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