# Title Authors Year Type of Publication Language Research Area
# Detection and quantification of low levels of carbonate mineral species using thermogravimetric-mass spectrometry to validate CO2 drawdown via enhanced rock weathering 2022 English
# Remineralizing soils? The agricultural usage of silicate rock powders: A review Martin Hamer; Philip Swoboda; Thomas Doring 2022 Journal Article English Agriculture
# Assessing a bio-energy system with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) through dynamic life cycle assessment and land-water-energy nexus Ana Claudia Dias; Andrei Briones-Hidrovo; Jose Ramon Copa Rey; Luis A.C. Tarelho; Sandra Beauchet 2022 Journal Article English Carbon Sequestration
# Evaluating feedstocks for carbon dioxide removal by enhanced rock weathering and CO2 mineralization Amanda Stubbs; Baolin Wang; Carlos Paulo; Ian Power; Nina Zeyen; Siobhan Wilson 2021 Journal Article English Carbon Sequestration
# CO2 sequestration by wollastonite-amended agricultural soils – An Ontario field study Fatima Haque; Rafael M. Santos; Yi Wai Chiang 2020 Journal Article English Carbon Sequestration
# Increasing negative charge and nutrient contents of a highly weathered soil using basalt and rice husk to promote cocoa growth under field conditions C.I. Fauziah; J. Shamshuddin; Markus Anda 2013 Journal Article English Agriculture, Agrogeology
# Carbonate precipitation in artificial soils produced from basaltic quarry fines and composts: An opportunity for passive carbon sequestration E; Manning, D.A.C.; N; P; S 2013 Journal Article English Carbon Sequestration
# Organic acids and high soil CO2 drive intense chemical weathering of Hawaiian basalts: Insights from reactive transport models Alida Perez-Fodich 2019 Journal Article English Agriculture, Climate Change
# Climate change mitigation: potential benefits and pitfalls of enhanced rock weathering in tropical agriculture Christopher Pearce; David Beerling; David Edwards; Felix Lim; Julie Scholes; Rachael James; Robert Freckleton 2017 Journal Article English Carbon Sequestration, Climate Change
# Temperature dependence of basalt weathering Chen-Feng You; Gaojun Li; Jens Hartmann; Jun Chen; Junfeng Ji; Laifeng Li; Liang Zhao; Lianwen Liu; Louis Derry; Tao Li; Tao Zhan; Wenhong Qiu; Xiaoyong Long; Yang Chen 2016 Journal Article English Agrogeology
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