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Unf*cking the Future – Afforestation of Scotland with rock dust and biochar

(All photos courtesy of the Future Forest Company.)   Deep ecology inspires innovative business model Founding a company committed to removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through forestry may not seem unexpected for someone who grew up on a dairy farm and studied ecology in university, but for Jim Mann, starting the Future Forest Company Ltd. marked a shift in his career. Mann spent decades as an entrepreneur focused on technology, retail, and leisure companies before turning his attention to climate change. The initial idea behind the Future Forest Company was to sequester carbon dioxide through reforestation and afforestation. ...

Tribute to Remineralization Pioneer Cameron Thomson of the Seer Centre (1947-2019)

“The early history of soil remineralization in Scotland was the result of the vision and commitment of Cameron and Moira Thomson of the Sustainable Ecological Earth Regeneration (SEER) Centre just outside Pitlochry in Highland Perthshire. These remarkable people championed the issue to the point where it is gradually gaining mainstream interest. This reflects growing interest in the protection of soils as a fundamental resource of any sustainable society, the clear relationship between soils and the wider environment and the relationship between soils, the foods they grow and human health; of fundamental importance as Scotland increasingly focuses ...

Rock Dust and Pest Control

Among organic methods of pest control, rock dust is one of the safest for people, soil, and plants. (more…)

Transforming Barren Land Into Fertile Ground

If you were to choose a place to plant your dream vegetable garden, it would probably not be in the foothills of the Grampian Mountains in Strathardle, Perthshire, Scotland. The upland site is infertile, acidic and exposed to severe weather. Around 85 percent of Scotland is classified by the European Union as a “less-favoured area” for farming, and this region, plagued by lifeless, silty soil and boulders, falls right into that category. Yet it was exactly here that Cameron and Moira Thomson settled and decided to become self-sufficient by creating their own garden, growing their very own fruits and vegetables. “Our dream was to grow and use ...

Moira and Cameron Thomson of the Seer Centre on YouTube

RTE just found these wonderful YouTube videos and we would like to share them with you! Originally filmed by BBC Television, the Seer Centre in Scotland has received enormous media coverage through the years in newspapers and on the radio and television in the UK. Their center attracts many visitors every year and has been supported by the actor Sean Connery. They now have a product in the UK distributed by Angus Horticulture Ltd. Rock Dust Organic Remineralisation Rock Dust Rock Dust in Scotland

SEER Centre Featured in Star & Furrow

  SEER Centre Featured in Star & Furrow In "Sustainable Ecological Earth Regeneration with Rockdust", Moira Thompson traces the inspirational history of the SEER Centre from its humble and ambitious beginnings to its current state as a recognized Land Trust and purveyor of rockdust. Moira details some of the SEER Centre's earliest experiments in remineralization and the results are exciting! Mineral and trace element rich rockdust, "quarried from 420 million year old Scottish volcanic rock", works in conjunction with both the soil and its inhabitants to consistently provide delicious, nutrient-dense organic produce. Remineralization ...

Soil Remineralization Research Forum in Scotland Sponsored by Scottish EPA is Now Online!

Soil Remineralization Research Forum in Scotland Sponsored by Scottish EPA is Now Online! Dr. Robin Szmidt of Active Compost Ltd is coordinator for the new Soil Remineralization Research Forum in Scotland. Sponsored by the Scottish Environment Agency (SEPA) the forum: promotes and develops membership by industry bodies, communities, and the public sector; assists the development and delivery of robust remineralization research; supports advisory activities in the sector; facilitates further funding for the generic development of remineralization; liaises with like-minded groups to develop Scottish, UK and international programs. You can read ...

Rockdust Is the New Organic!

Two of the leading Organic Certification bodies, namely OF&G (Organic Farmers and Growers) and SOPA (Scottish Organic Producers Association) have approved SEER Rockdust for use by their members. This means that such benefits as increased yield, pest and drought resistance, improved flavor and higher nutritional benefit can now be realised on a professional basis by the organic movement. (more…)