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Unf*cking the Future – Afforestation of Scotland with rock dust and biochar

(All photos courtesy of the Future Forest Company.)   Deep ecology inspires innovative business model Founding a company committed to removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through forestry may not seem unexpected for someone who grew up on a dairy farm and studied ecology in university, but for Jim Mann, starting the Future Forest Company Ltd. marked a shift in his career. Mann spent decades as an entrepreneur focused on technology, retail, and leisure companies before turning his attention to climate change. The initial idea behind the Future Forest Company was to sequester carbon dioxide through reforestation and afforestation. ...

Planting a Trillion Trees to Save Earth? Remineralization Can Help

Reforesting the Earth with a trillion trees may be the best way to fight climate change, and remineralizing the Earth with crushed rock dust is perhaps the best way to ensure those trees take root, grow and prosper. A recent study from scientists with Crowther Lab in Switzerland found 223 million acres (900 million hectares) of global tree restoration is the most effective climate change solution, as those trees (about a trillion) would store about 205 billion tons (186 tonnes) of carbon, or roughly two thirds of the carbon emitted since the Industrial Revolution. Unfortunately, decades of poor agricultural practices, desertification and simple ...

Restoring Forests to Avoid Catastrophe: Remineralization is crucial

Recently screens across the globe wracked viewers with destruction-torn images of the Amazon Rainforest on fire. It’s no secret that our forests are in trouble. Over-development and slash-and-burn agriculture practices clear areas that were once forested, and acidic rain, invasive disease, and pollution contribute to the declining health of remaining trees. The first response to forest destruction is the obvious: plant more trees. Some organizations sponsor tree planting events where locals can help plant hundreds of trees in a matter of days, and cities across the globe are addressing environmental and urban challenges by creating more green ...

Join Us at the Global Earth Repair Conference

Restoration efforts in the world are already substantial and there is a lot of experience and knowledge to draw on. The Global Earth Repair Conference is an exchange of information between earth repair practitioners. The conference addresses both the technical and social aspects of planetary regeneration. --Global Earth Repair   Our hope is for the world community to act immediately in order to minimize the costs and damage that will result from past and ongoing maladapted practices. Only a truly global solution can work. Our best chance is to grow our way out of the mess we have made by growing more plants to restore soil fertility and ...

VIDEO: Rock Dust and Biochar as a Strategy for Carbon Sequestration (at SER2011)

RTE has filmed a discussion on the potential role of remineralization to sequester carbon and stabilize the climate. Three prominent speakers participated in the discussion during SER2011, the 4th World Conference on Ecological Restoration in Merida, Mexico: Dr. Goreau, President of the Global Coral Reef Alliance and Coordinator of the UN Commission (SIDSPINST), Ron Larson, an expert on biochar, and Albert Bates, author and director of the Institute for Appropriate Technology. (more…)

Outstanding Results of Dr. Goreau’s Rock Dust Trials in Panama at SER2011

Dr. Thomas Goreau's research study showing an 8-fold increase in biomass volume of trees remineralized with basalt rock dust, was presented at SER2011 by RTE's executive director Joanna Campe. Click "read more" to view and download the presentation. (more…)

Remineralize the Earth PDF Presentation

What is remineralization? What are its benefits? Where is it being used? The answers to these questions and many others can be found in this concise, informative presentation on the basic principles and practices of soil remineralization. (more…)

Remineralization Workshop in Cameroon

April 2011 marks the modest beginnings of a new era of sustainable development in Cameroon. A two-day workshop beginning April 1st, sponsored by Remineralize the Earth (RTE) and organized by Dr. Gilbert Kuepouo, introduced the principles and practices of remineralization in the context of a new agriculture for Cameroon. This small country in central Africa is a place of natural diversity and rich agricultural traditions, but in recent years, industrialized farming has taken a heavy toll on the health of the environment and the integrity of rural communities. (more…)

Teaching children how to remineralize trees in Mexico

On June 4, RTE Mexico coordinator Jorge Vilaseñor recently gave an educational workshop to children in Zapopan, Jalisco and Mexico.   (more…)

John Todd – Ecology From 40,000 Feet

“When we’re flying at 40,000 feet and we look down, we see a marvelous amount of innovation in agriculture, environmental restoration, green architecture, in systems design and in renewable energy development,” Dr. John Todd tells Organic Connections. “The news on the ground has never been richer, more diverse or in some respects more global. There probably isn’t a continent on which we don’t have something happening, and that just wasn’t the case 20 years ago.” (more…)