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10th Annual Soil and Nutrition Conference

Conference Title: 10th Annual Soil and Nutrition Conference Date: February 5 - 7, 2021 Location: ONLINE (register at https://soilandnutrition.org/register/) Website: https://soilandnutrition.org/ Theme: Exploring principles, techniques and practices at the intersection of farm and human ecosystems that can be applied to improve environmental sustainability, food quality, and overall well-being.

Call for Papers for the IV Congresso Brasileiro de Rochagem

(Photo from the III Congresso Brasileiro de Rochagem in 2016 conference.) Translated from Brazilian Portuguese. Original version available here. The Event The third millennium began with an unprecedented recognition of the importance of the use of natural resources. Environmental issues have gained in visibility and share importance along with economic issues. As a result, there is a greater concern with food security and socio-environmental and economic development, without losing sight of the preservation of biodiversity and the well-being of the human species. In this scenario, Brazil is a protagonist, as it holds a large part of the world’s ...

IV Congresso Brasileiro de Rochagem

Conference Title: IV Congresso Brasileiro de Rochagem Date: March 8 - 11, 2021  Location: Catalão - Goiás, Brazil Website: http://eventos.ufg.br/SIEC/portalproec/sites/gerar_site.php?ID_SITE=15361 Description: Even greater advances and challenges signal the importance of holding the IV Brazilian Congress of Rochagem, which will take place at the Federal University of Goiás - Regional Catalão, in the city of Catalão-GO, from 22 to 25 June 2020, where participants will be able to share and expand discussions and suggestions for achieving its implementation on a large scale. Goals Present and disseminate technical and scientific ...

RTE’s New Research Database Director Spreads Word about Remineralization at Australia-Brazil Conference

Above: Multidisciplinary team of researchers at the Australia-Brazil Alumni Conference. The 4th Australia-Brazil Alumni Conference was held in São Caetano do Sul, at the Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia, from May 17th - 18th. Aiming to engage former scholarship recipients from Australian and Brazilian government programs, the two-day conference brought together a multidisciplinary team of researchers and students to explore ways to strengthen the scientific bonds among the two countries, stimulating international cooperation. From biologists to lawyers, participants had the opportunity to give a presentation in the TED Talk format and show others ...

Upcoming Conference “Regenerating Vitality: Realizing Nature’s Potential”

The 8th Annual Soil and Nutrition Conference will come to to Southbridge, MA this December 1 - 2, with a pre-conference event on November 30. The title for this year’s conference is “Regenerating Vitality: Realizing Nature’s Potential.” This event will bring together many leading members of the growing movement around quality. The event will have 29 featured speakers -- including successful farmers, cutting-edge researchers, enlightened health practitioners, and pioneers of food quality -- sharing their collective knowledge of the broader food and environmental movements. The organizers describe the conference as “the nexus of ...

The 8th Annual Soil & Nutrition Conference

Conference Title: Regenerating Vitality: Realizing Nature’s Potential Date: December 1 & 2, 2018 Pre-conference: November 30, 2018 Location: Southbridge, MA Theme: “Exploring principles, techniques and practices at the intersection of farm and human ecosystems that can be applied to improve environmental sustainability, food quality, and overall well-being.” Conference Website: https://soilandnutrition.org/ Registration: https://soilandnutrition.org/registration/

RTE Invited to Collaborative Between Growers in Cuba and the US – A New Chapter in Farmer to Farmer Networking

Organic farmland sits at the foot of Cuba’s mountainous landscape; about the size of New York State, Cuba is home to an array of diverse biomes and agricultural systems alike. (​Source: The Cuban-U.S. Agroecology Network) RTE Invited to Collaborative Between Growers in Cuba and the US A New Chapter in Farmer to Farmer Networking 24 June 2015 “To permanently end poverty and hunger by 2030, the world needs a food system that can feed every person, every day, everywhere; that can raise real incomes of the poorest people; that can provide safe food and adequate nutrition; and that can better steward the world’s natural resources.” Ending ...

Highlights from RELACCx in Puerto Rico

Remineralize the Earth was honored to be invited to present at the Renewable Energy Latin America & Caribbean Conference & Exhibition (RELACCx) in Puerto Rico November 19-21, 2014. RELACCx is the premier renewable energy finance and development event for Latin America and the Caribbean. The two-day conference took an in-depth look at political and financial landscapes, prominent and emerging markets, and existing energy infrastructure to provide the audience with the tools needed to accelerate renewable energy development in these regions. (more…)

Thomas Goreau – The Down-to-Earth Solution to Global Warming: How Soil Carbon Sequestration Works

Biogeochemist, restoration ecologist, climate scientist, and reef restoration expert Tom Goreau is passionate about soils as the primary way to address global warming at this late date, given that reducing emissions alone cannot prevent dangerous climate change unless natural carbon sinks are significantly increased. He’ll explain the basics of soil carbon and how healthy water cycles can cool the earth. From Biodiversity for a Livable Climate conference: "Restoring Ecosystems to Reverse Global Warming" Saturday November 22nd, 2014  

Spotlight on Agrogeologist Peter Van Straaten, PhD

At the II Brazilian “Rochagem” Conference, which took place in Poco de Caldas, Minas Gerais, in May 2013, Professor Peter van Straaten gave a series of talks on the use of rock dust to increase soil health for agriculture. As a pioneer in the practice of using rocks for soil remineralization, van Straaten shared his extensive knowledge with a broad spectrum of scientists and researchers who attended the conference. An expert in agrogeology, which Van Straaten defines as “geology in service of agriculture,” he has built an international network of projects that study remineralization and sustainable agriculture in Africa. His work has helped ...