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Conflict Puts Remineralization Project on Hold in Cameroon

Due to political conflict in Cameroon, FESCAM’s successful remineralization project is now on hold indefinitely. We have previously reported on the ongoing development of this project, including Remineralize the Earth’s (RTE) partnership with FESCAM. We hope to see the project return and thrive in the future and that the conflict in Cameroon will be resolved soon. Cameroon is a sub-Saharan country with about 60% of the population engaged in agriculture, which contributes approximately 40% of the Gross National Product. Cameroon suffers from serious soil pressures caused by unsustainable environmental practices (i.e., slash and burn ...

Inspiring Documentary Features Geotherapy – Dirt Rich empowers viewers to participate in solutions to reverse runaway global warming

  Dirt Rich, a new documentary by filmmaker Marcelina Cravat about geotherapy and regenerative agriculture, now has an official trailer and is making the rounds of film festivals. The film is narrated by actor Gregory Cruz and features music by Tom Rhodes. It has appeared in film festivals, including at the Green Film Fest in San Francisco, and will contribute to raising awareness of remineralization. The filmmaking team of the award winning environmental documentary, Angel Azul, is about to release Dirt Rich, a creative and ambitious first of its kind documentary as it comprehensively shifts focus on the topic of global ...

VIDEO: Rock Dust and Biochar as a Strategy for Carbon Sequestration (at SER2011)

RTE has filmed a discussion on the potential role of remineralization to sequester carbon and stabilize the climate. Three prominent speakers participated in the discussion during SER2011, the 4th World Conference on Ecological Restoration in Merida, Mexico: Dr. Goreau, President of the Global Coral Reef Alliance and Coordinator of the UN Commission (SIDSPINST), Ron Larson, an expert on biochar, and Albert Bates, author and director of the Institute for Appropriate Technology. (more…)

Outstanding Results of Dr. Goreau’s Rock Dust Trials in Panama at SER2011

Dr. Thomas Goreau's research study showing an 8-fold increase in biomass volume of trees remineralized with basalt rock dust, was presented at SER2011 by RTE's executive director Joanna Campe. Click "read more" to view and download the presentation. (more…)