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Recent Advances in the Tanzania Project: New partnerships and new tools

Since 2023, Remineralize the Earth has partnered with Engineers Without Borders - Tanzania (EWB-Tanzania) to produce and distribute an all natural fertilizer.

New Campaign Supporting Project to Address Food Insecurity in Tanzania

In partnership with Engineers Without Borders Tanzania, RTE is raising funds to introduce rock dust and biochar to soils in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania to improve soil fertility, crop yields, and income for farmers.

Restoring Soils in Kilimanjaro – Engineers Without Borders Seeks Funding to Fight Food Insecurity in Tanzania

This project contributes to Sustainable Development Goals Introduction David Paul Blessing examines volcanic rocks that will be used to produce a locally sourced, nature-based fertilizer for small-scale farmers in the Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania. David Paul Blessing, President of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) in Tanzania, has a science-backed plan to bring better outcomes to small-scale farmers, their families and communities in the Kilimanjaro region in northeastern Tanzania. Across Tanzania, agriculture employs 75% of the working population. Soils vary dramatically from region to region in their mineral and nutrient ...

Engineers Without Borders is Addressing Food Security in Tanzania

David Paul and Pupils of Chagu Primary School fetching water from the lake with crocodiles. Click to enlarge photos and graphics. David Paul (standing, left) uses a groundwater detection electrode system to survey water resources Kilimanjaro region. This work is part of a project to supply clean, safe drinking water to the Maasai Community of this area.     David Paul Blessing, current president of Engineers Without Borders-Tanzania (EWB-Tanzania), sat in his hotel room in Nguruka township after a long day of work. He and his team were on-site helping to develop safe drinking water sources and sanitation facilities for ...