The Riches of Rock Dust, by the Get Real Alliance

The Get Real Alliance has released a documentary series covering topics from founder David Munson’s book Get Real: A Positive Solution to Climate Change. The eight episodes released so far describe the carbon cycle, biochar and rock dust, as well as issues related to grasslands, forests, oceans and more. 

The Get Real Alliance explains their goals as follows: “The Get Real Alliance supports rock dust remineralization of soil and wetlands, biochar additions to soil for fertility and water retention, marine wetland restoration and overall agricultural changes.”

The video above, “Episode 5: Riches of Rock Dust,” is all about the use of rock dust to restore vital minerals to the soils. The world faces a variety of challenges related to the food supply chain and to the climate, and these problems are exacerbated by failing soil health. We all depend on plants, but plants without healthy soils cannot thrive, falling victim to diseases, pests and other problems. Remineralization is an important key to addressing these interlocking problems. 

David Munson leaning on a tree, wearing denim shirt.
David Munson, Jr., founder of the Get Real Alliance

The video acknowledges the role Remineralize the Earth has played in advocating the use of rock dust. Within the episode, Trevor Vaughn of the High Plains Farming Initiative interviews Tom Vanacore of Rock Dust Local and Joanna Campe of Remineralize the Earth. Their interview covers the basic principles of and the need for remineralization to improve soil fertility, increase nutrient density, and sequester carbon to stabilize the climate.

As explained in the episode, healthy soil is not about just one thing or just a few nutrients. The soil is a complex ecosystem in itself, full of fungi, mycorrhizae and microorganisms in mutual interdependence, and rock dust can facilitate the health of each part of that system. Basalt rock dust in particular, thanks to its mineral properties and generally widespread availability, is a good candidate for use in remineralization. 

Along with the Get Real Alliance, more and more organizations are spreading the word about the crucial importance of remineralization as a strategy to stabilize the climate.

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