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In Flux: Former UK Army Officer Leads Revolutionary Rock-Weathering Company In Kenya

Flux is collaborating with UNCCD (United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification) and consulting with Remineralize the Earth on a mineral-rock trial with 50 smallholder Western Kenyan farmers.

From Agrimagined to Agreality in Africa

Nature finds ways of directing resources to where they are needed most, but if your eyes are not tuned to see these processes, they get taken for granted. Bryan Ollier has spent years honing this observational skill and has gained many lessons of how the natural world shares its nutrients. His recent work has sought to take these lessons and use them to make agriculture work with these natural processes, rather than against them.  Ollier has been partnering with Joseph Kinuthia of Kenya through their organization Agrimagined since 2021 to find innovative ways to tackle the challenges that farmers face in rural Africa. The bulk of the work ...

Agrimagined offers promising glimpse into budding Kenyan remineralization efforts

Bryan Ollier, an agriculture specialist from a village near Coventry, England, and Joseph Kinuthia, a farmer in Kenya, formed the U.K.-based company Agrimagined last year after connecting online due to their shared interest in supporting sustainable, affordable, nutrient-rich agriculture. Once the two got to talking, they developed a vision for Agrimagined, which would help accomplish their shared goals surrounding remineralization and education. Inspiration for Agrimagined: Ollier and Kinuthia’s previous experience with remineralization Overview of Mount Kenya and surrounding area Shortly before he connected with Kinuthia, Ollier ...