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The Riches of Rock Dust, by the Get Real Alliance

The Get Real Alliance has released a documentary series covering topics from founder David Munson’s book Get Real: A Positive Solution to Climate Change. The eight episodes released so far describe the carbon cycle, biochar and rock dust, as well as issues related to grasslands, forests, oceans and more.  The Get Real Alliance explains their goals as follows: “The Get Real Alliance supports rock dust remineralization of soil and wetlands, biochar additions to soil for fertility and water retention, marine wetland restoration and overall agricultural changes.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKy4xikNEuk The video above, “Episode 5: ...

The Riches of Rock Dust, by the Get Real Alliance

Episode 5 of an 8 part series around positive solution for climate change, created by the Get Real Alliance

Prairie Grass Systems: Texan’s Invention Remineralizes Soil While Replenishing Native Flora

Imagine an irrigation system that does not rely on clear water to run through its small tubing orifices, but rather can provide a nutritious ‘dirty’ water, filled with fine rock dust and other particulates that can optimally feed soil microbes. That will be just one of many benefits with David Munson’s Prairie Grass Systems.  “We take a water slurry mix and inject it under the plants to provide a little bit of water to the plants, but also food for the soil organisms to attack the rock dust and feed the plants,” he says about his patented invention that allows for maximum production of forage crops for cattle — native prairie ...