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AG-USA: The Power of Sea Minerals and Microbes to Restore Soils

Paul Schneider Jr. showing a thick layer of topsoil and healthy grass developed over Georgia Red Clay (Ultisol) after treatment with MycorrPlus. “Healthy soil is soil that is alive. For farms and gardens, healthy soil is the key to almost everything, including greater availability of nutrients (less fertilizer), drought tolerance, weed control, nutrient dense plants and healthy livestock. For better yields and increased production, great soil is the answer.”  Paul Schneider Jr. on the AG-USA website Paul Schneider Jr. In the late 1960s, animal nutritionist Paul Schneider Sr. started the company Tech Ag to help farmers improve the ...

American Chestnut Revival

Restore the Crown of Abundance THURSDAY AUGUST 7, LOUIS MAY, an elder environmentalist in the upper Hudson Valley, drove me 70 miles to see a tree he has watched and measured for 35 years. Lou’s tree is in dense forest on a steep slope at the south end of Schoharie Valley. Its 18-inch dbh trunk isn’t impressive for that forest. Actually, it’s a midget compared to its mighty ancestors—but these days, any American Chestnut is rare. This one is a giant and an elder. (more…)