SEER Centre Featured in Star & Furrow


SEER Centre Featured in Star & Furrow

seer_centre_front.jpgIn “Sustainable Ecological Earth Regeneration with Rockdust”, Moira Thompson traces the inspirational history of the SEER Centre from its humble and ambitious beginnings to its current state as a recognized Land Trust and purveyor of rockdust.

Moira details some of the SEER Centre’s earliest experiments in remineralization and the results are exciting! Mineral and trace element rich rockdust, “quarried from 420 million year old Scottish volcanic rock”, works in conjunction with both the soil and its inhabitants to consistently provide delicious, nutrient-dense organic produce.

Remineralization as a tool in climate stabilization cannot be underestimated, as Moira points out in this Star & Furrow article. Graphs and images illustrate where we are now in Earth’s glacial cycle. READ MORE

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