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Launching the Real Food Campaign

Dan Kittredge, founder and executive directotr of the Bionutrient Food Association.   On November 28, 2017, the Bionutrient Food Association launched the Real Food Campaign to “Increase Quality in the Food Supply”. The campaign bridges the food, health, environmental, and climate movements to build tools for transparency in the food supply. By defining and measuring food quality, a new metric can be established to promote healthy farming practices. This, in turn, will provide accountability for farmers and consumers to produce and purchase high-quality food. The objectives of the campaign were introduced at the Seventh Annual Soil and ...

Jon Frank and the Quest for Nutrient Dense Food

International AG Labs Farm in Fairmont, MN Recently, RTE’s Emily Schaefer conducted an interview with Jon Frank. He was excited to share his knowledge and experience with us. The following article is based on that interview.   As a four-year old, Jon Frank spent his days tending to his own garden. As a teen, he was an ardent student of soil-tending techniques and an avid reader of Acres U.S.A. magazine. Jon has always described himself as a man of the soil. Today, he is a co-owner of International AG Labs and the founder of Grow Your Own Nutrition, a project that helps gardeners mineralize their soil to grow nutrient dense foods. ...

Maximizing Nutrition in Backyard Gardens

by Ben Grosscup (forthcoming) Massachusetts Organic Food Guide, 2009-10 Is it possible to grow food with exquisite flavor, beautiful shine, extraordinary nutrition, and extended shelf-life? According to growers who have done it, not only can farm-sized growing operations do it, but with the right tools and knowledge, people can do it in their own backyards. Practitioners of this kind of growing say their goal is to maximize crop nutrient density - the amount of nutrition per volume of crop - and that this can be done in a manner entirely consistent with certified organic growing practices. (more…)