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Launching Remineralize! A Fundraiser for the Future

RTE is launching a new fundraising campaign to fulfill our mission on a larger scale well into the future. Remineralization is a blueprint for restoring ecological balance. In replenishing our soils, this simple solution is crucial to rolling back the effects of climate change. Rock powders act as a natural slow release, long-lasting fertilizer greatly increasing soil fertility, biomass, biological productivity, and food supplies. At the same time, chemical reaction with rocks is the major mechanism that removes CO2 from the atmosphere on geological time scales. This is an important solution to reverse runaway global climate change. ...

Remineralize the Earth Launches Fundraising Campaign on Patreon

One of the most important things humans can do as constructive passengers aboard Spaceship Earth is to help restore the health of our planet's soils and climate. Remineralize the Earth was one of the first organizations to identify and accept that challenge. Joanna Campe introduced me to the concept of remineralization over twenty years ago. The efforts and significant achievements at RTE are deserving of your support. Greg Watson, former Commissioner of Agriculture, Massachusetts Since 1996, Remineralize the Earth (RTE), a Northampton, MA based, 501(c)3 non-profit organization, has advocated for the life of this planet’s soils, championing a ...

RTE partners with Trees for Clean Energy Network in Kenya

Trees for Clean Energy Network (TCEN) empowers youth and women to produce clean energy biofuel to light households and power small enterprises. Joanna Campe, Executive Director of RTE, and Zablon Wagalla met each other at the World International Renewable Energy Conference (WIREC 2008) vowing to partner at some time in the future growing jatropha on marginal soils with rock dust. Jatropha produces sustainable biofuel from the seeds at the same time that it restores soils and makes them arable within a few years. TCEN has started a fundraising drive to raise $6500 for a new project that will include remineralization. For more information and to make a ...

Real Food Campaign at Whole Foods Markets

  For Release after October 1, 2007 Remineralize the Earth (www.remineralize.org), an international environmental nonprofit organization based in Northampton, Massachusetts, is working together with two Whole Foods Market stores in Massachusetts in October to raise funds for its new Real Food campaign. The Real Food campaign will be launched in the coming months. It is focused on educating and networking farmers, agronomists, policy makers, supermarkets and consumers about remineralized, nutrient dense foods that are high in minerals and trace elements. (more…)

RTE Fundraiser to Launch Real Food Campaign

  RTE Fundraiser to Launch Real Food Campaign RTE is working together with two Whole Foods Market stores in Massachusetts in October to raise funds for its new Real Food campaign. Joanna Campe and Dan Kittredge of RTE will have a booth at the Acres USA Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, from December 6-8, 2007. The Real Food campaign will be seeking to increase the demand and facilitate the supply of nutrient dense foods. We are coordinating farmers, farm co-operatives, retailers, consumers, mineral suppliers, and agronomists.