Real Food Campaign at Whole Foods Markets

For Release after October 1, 2007


Remineralize the Earth (, an international environmental nonprofit organization based in Northampton, Massachusetts, is working together with two Whole Foods Market stores in Massachusetts in October to raise funds for its new Real Food campaign.

The Real Food campaign will be launched in the coming months. It is focused on educating and networking farmers, agronomists, policy makers, supermarkets and consumers about remineralized, nutrient dense foods that are high in minerals and trace elements.

Currently most food crops are grown on poor soils resulting in crops that are deficient in many vitamins and trace elements necessary for good health.

Remineralization of soils is a growing agricultural practice that produces crops with significantly higher nutrition, flavor, shelf life, yield, and resistance to disease and insect infestation. Cal-Organic and New Day Farms grow and market remineralized produce and famous chefs such as Alice Waters and Dan Barber advocate and utilize remineralized produce for their restaurants.

During the month of October, the Whole Foods Market locations in Brighton and Framingham will be helping to raise funds to kick off the Real Food campaign. When customers check out at the registers, they may purchase a tax deductible $5.00 or $2.50 donation coupon. At the end of the month, Whole Foods Market will present RTE with a check for the combined value of the donations.

The work of Remineralize the Earth focuses on the critical role that inexpensive and locally available rock powders can play in soil and crop fertility, increased nutrient value, carbon sequestration, and reversing desertification globally.

For more information and interviews on the Real Food campaign and Remineralize the Earth, please contact the Executive Director of RTE Daniel Kittredge at (978) 257-2627 or

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