Remineralize the Earth Launches Fundraising Campaign on Patreon

One of the most important things humans can do as constructive passengers aboard Spaceship Earth is to help restore the health of our planet’s soils and climate. Remineralize the Earth was one of the first organizations to identify and accept that challenge. Joanna Campe introduced me to the concept of remineralization over twenty years ago. The efforts and significant achievements at RTE are deserving of your support.

Greg Watson, former Commissioner of Agriculture, Massachusetts

Joanna Campe, Executive Director of Remineralize the Earth

Since 1996, Remineralize the Earth (RTE), a Northampton, MA based, 501(c)3 non-profit organization, has advocated for the life of this planet’s soils, championing a cleaner, more natural alternative to both chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

To ensure that we can continue our mission into 2019 and beyond, we have launched a new fundraising campaign on Patreon. It is our goal to raise $2,000 per month, which will put us on firm ground in the coming years. All you need to do is go to our Patreon and you can participate by contributing $2 (or more) per month.

Our ongoing projects: Your donation dollars at work

RTE’s domestic and international projects educate, advocate and engage in on-the-ground activism. Our multi-faceted approach incorporates scientific research and grassroots community initiatives, as well as entrepreneurial and large-scale projects.

Transitioning Industrial Agriculture

Dr. Tom Goreau weighing a harvest at New Harmony Farms CSA.

RTE is partnering with Rock Dust Local and Marcos Farms, a 30,000 acre farm in Odon, Indiana. A demonstration trial on soybeans and corn began last spring using $10,000 worth of rock dust donated by Tom Vanacore. Professor Chen Zhu of the University of Indiana hopes to do a long-term study to test the weathering capacity and carbon sequestration of remineralization.

Agroforestry Projects
Current initiatives include an innovative agroforestry system, which has the potential to produce a tremendous diversity of fruits, vegetables, coffee and cacao in one food system. A single initial application of rock dust jumpstarts the agroforestry project with no further outside inputs thereafter.

RTE intends to partner with organizations such as the World Agroforestry Centre to develop similar projects in the post hurricane-Caribbean — especially Puerto Rico and Haiti — as well as Africa.

These projects will restore tropical soils and agriculture, creating resilient food ecosystems that thrive through future climate upheavals. The remineralization of agriculture, agroforestry, and forestry is crucial to stabilizing the climate on a vast scale.

Let’s Remineralize! Science Ed K-12

Students from Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School setting up a remineralization trial at Nuestras Raices. (Click to enlarge)

An online resource for teachers and students will empower students to become junior scientists who will explore, experiment, and gain knowledge on multiple subjects such as geology, agriculture, botany, sustainability, and nutrition. They will collect data and perform simple to more complex science experiments either indoors or outdoors — in school gardens, greenhouses, and with grow lights in a classroom. Classes from all over the world will share their results, including text, photos and videos of the experiments, which will be added to a world map on RTE’s website.

Rock powders act as a natural slow release, long-lasting fertilizer greatly increasing soil fertility, biomass, biological productivity, and food supplies. At the same time, chemical reaction with rocks is the major mechanism that removes CO2 from the atmosphere on geological time scales. This is greatly accelerated by rock powders due to their high reactive surface area, so rock powders are an important solution to reverse runaway global climate change.

Remineralize the Earth is the major organization promoting and providing information on the use of rock powders in agriculture, pastures, forests, and for ecosystem regeneration.

Thomas J Goreau, Coordinator for the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development

Our Vision for the Future

Dr. Thomas J. Goreau, RTE Board Member

For more than two decades, Remineralize the Earth has played a role in facilitating a worldwide network, leading to the development of numerous projects and entrepreneurial endeavors — from building the grassroots movement to establishing scientific credibility for remineralization.

Remineralize the Earth’s Immediate Goals

  • Initiate an agroforestry project in the post-hurricane Caribbean
  • Develop an online educational project area for students and teachers
  • Develop demonstration trials with industrial scale farmers to transition beyond organic with remineralization
  • Continue our public education, media outreach and advocacy
  • Remineralize the Earth’s Broader Vision

  • Further initiate agroforestry projects worldwide
  • Further develop comprehensive educational resources for schools
  • Transition industrial-scale farming into the myriad possibilities of regenerative agriculture and carbon-based farming
  • Organize campaigns to remineralize forests and prevent forest fires

Your contribution to Remineralize the Earth will help us to:

  1. Integrate more sustainable models into industrial agriculture that go beyond organic to increase yields, food quality, and food security.
  2. Partner with government agencies and NGOs to establish agroforestry projects in the Caribbean, Haiti and Puerto Rico, which will create resilient food systems that survive and thrive during future climate upheavals.
  3. Coordinate an effort to mount a forest remineralization campaign, mobilizing local, state, federal, National Guard and volunteer organizations to prevent destructive and deadly forest fires. This will lead to forests and landscapes that are healthier and more resilient to drought, disease and weather extremes.
  4. Provide online resources on biology, geology, soil science, climate science and other related topics, complementing schools’ core curricula and giving K-12 educators the ability to connect scientific concepts to relevant, real-world applications through remineralization projects.

Your donation will help us to transform agriculture, regenerate forests, and stabilize the climate. Pledge to Remineralize the Earth on Patreon at this crucial moment in our history!

Joanna Campe, as the founder and Executive Director of RTE, raises public awareness of the crucial role of soil remineralization with finely ground rock dust, sea minerals and other natural means to regenerate soils, forests and stabilize the climate. She promotes partnerships with foundations and educational institutions, government agencies, international development agencies, the private sector, and NGOs. She has decades of related conference participation, project organization, media development, authorship, public speaking, professional networking, policy advocacy, and public awareness building. She has co-authored several research papers and is the co-editor of Geotherapy: Innovative Methods of Soil Fertility Restoration, Carbon Sequestration, and Reversing CO2 Increase.

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Thank you for joining us today! Please become a member of RTE and support us on Patreon. Unlike many larger organizations, we work with a team of determined and passionate volunteers to get our message out. We aim to continue to increase the awareness of remineralization to initiate projects across the globe that remineralize soils, grow nutrient dense food, regenerate our forests’ and stabilize the climate – with your help! If you can, please support us on a monthly basis from just $2, rest assured that you are making a big impact every single month in support of our mission. Thank you!

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