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The Violets in the Mountains Break the Rocks – Kosmologym’s Remineralization Art Installation

This is a reprint of an article originally published by Kosmologym (http://www.kosmologym.com/dirtball.html) We previously reported on Walker Tufts’ plans to create an art installation that illustrates the concept of remineralization for the Franconia Sculpture Park in Shafer, MN. The installation has been completed.   Dirtball is an invitation to a game that is always going on beneath our feet. The court invites you to join this soil making game along with birds, bugs, plants, minerals and weather. The prairie plants in the key garden below the purple martin house reach deep into the ground and draw minerals to the surface. The purple ...

‘Redribble-ize’ the Earth: Basketball Court Art Installation Explores Environmental Themes, Replenishes Soils

Above: Drawing of the proposed 'human' side of the basketball court, with tentative text in free throw lane.   When it comes to communicating the brilliant, practical, natural and economic solution that is rock dust, a creative remineralization basketball court provides the ‘slam-dunk’ combination of educational art and inspirational play. “Games have been really successful for us in finding a place where we can have conversations with people outside the ideological frameworks of either ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’ to instead focus on the issues themselves and investigate them in ways that are harder to do in everyday ...

Maximizing Nutrition in Backyard Gardens

by Ben Grosscup (forthcoming) Massachusetts Organic Food Guide, 2009-10 Is it possible to grow food with exquisite flavor, beautiful shine, extraordinary nutrition, and extended shelf-life? According to growers who have done it, not only can farm-sized growing operations do it, but with the right tools and knowledge, people can do it in their own backyards. Practitioners of this kind of growing say their goal is to maximize crop nutrient density - the amount of nutrition per volume of crop - and that this can be done in a manner entirely consistent with certified organic growing practices. (more…)