Call for Papers for the IV Congresso Brasileiro de Rochagem

(Photo from the III Congresso Brasileiro de Rochagem in 2016 conference.)

Translated from Brazilian Portuguese. Original version available here.

The Event

The third millennium began with an unprecedented recognition of the importance of the use of natural resources. Environmental issues have gained in visibility and share importance along with economic issues. As a result, there is a greater concern with food security and socio-environmental and economic development, without losing sight of the preservation of biodiversity and the well-being of the human species.

The opening ceremony of the previous conference in 2016.

In this scenario, Brazil is a protagonist, as it holds a large part of the world’s freshwater and contains the greatest biodiversity on the planet. It also has ample possibilities for generating energy through renewable sources, in addition to having an immense oil reserve. It also stands out as a major exporter, occupying a prominent position in numerous production chains, such as in agriculture and mining. All this wealth requires responsibility, technological development and investment.

Safeguarding their differences and similarities, the interaction between the mineral and agricultural sector is being expanded. This has been made possible through the use of soil remineralizers (rock powders or by-products of mineral origin) that can become a solution for agriculture. This convergence is being made possible through the technique of remineralization, which consists of the application of soil remineralizers, which utilizes certain types of rocks to increase the nutrient density of crops. However, there are challenges to be overcome, including expanding supply to meet the growing demand for remineralizers.

The theme is vast!

Thus, even greater advances and challenges signal the importance of holding the IV Brazilian Congress of Rochagem, which will take place at the Federal University of Goiás – Regional Catalão, in the city of Catalão-GO, from 22 to 25 June 2020, where participants will be able to share and expand discussions and suggestions for achieving its implementation on a large scale.


  • Present and disseminate technical and scientific advances related to the method of characterization, agronomic efficiency and biological properties of the soil, as well as the use of soil remineralizers;
  • Evaluate and discuss the advances made over the past few years;
  • Encourage the formation of multidisciplinary research networks with rock dust for soil remineralization and fertilization;
  • Formalize initiatives of local agriculture and mineral production to consolidate the use of rock dust as a mechanism for the remineralization of degraded or chemically impoverished soils;
  • Discuss the creation of the National Remineralization Policy (PNR). Expand the registration of commercialization and use of remineralizers.

Expected results

  • Disclose the importance of characterization, agronomic efficiency and the use of soil remineralizers, as well as the biological activity of the soil and mining by-products or residues as sources of nutrients for agriculture;
  • Articulate among government institutions licensing for the use and commercialization of soil remineralization products;
  • Prepare the proposal for the creation of the National Policy for Remineralizers (PNR);
  • Publish the Proceedings of the IV Brazilian Congress of Rochagem.

Our Challenge!

An essay contest will be held with the theme: “The importance of soil remineralizers for sustainable agriculture” that will reward the best essays prepared by students who are enrolled in any undergraduate course.

The authors of the two best newsrooms will gain the registration in the IV CBR, as well as the payment of transportation, accommodation and meals. University students from any area of ​​knowledge can participate.

The text should be sent to the e-mail, with the subject of the message: “Concurso IV CBR”.

Authors who have their simple abstracts accepted for oral presentation will be invited to submit expanded abstracts of up to six (6) pages (the rules will be informed later). The authors of the selected works will be notified until 05/26/2020.

Both formats of abstracts, simple (in poster format) and expanded, will be published in the Proceedings of the event.

Abstracts should be written with the following format:
Title: Arial 14, bold;
Authors’ names, affiliation, address and e-mail: single spacing and Arial 10 font;
Body of the text: maximum of 500 words, single spacing, 2.5 cm margins and Arial 12 font.

Deadline for submission: 03/02/2020
Deadline for disclosure of accepted papers: 03/05/2020

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