#TitleAuthorsYearType of PublicationLanguageResearch Area
#Elevated growth and biomass along temperate forest edges Andrew Reinmann; Jonathan Thompson; Luca Morreala; Xiaojing Tang2021 Journal ArticleEnglish Agriculture, Agrogeology
#Trace Elements as Fertilizer Micronutrients Agnieszka Saeid; Izabela Michalak2018 Journal ArticleEnglish Agriculture, Agrogeology
#Increased yield and CO2 sequestration potential with the C4 cereal Sorghum bicolor cultivated in basaltic rock dust-amended agricultural soil Amy Lewis; Christopher Pearce; David J Beerling; Grace Andrews; Jonathan Leake; Lyla Taylor; Mark Hodson; Mark Lomas; Mike Kelland; Peter Wade; Rachael James; Simon Kemp; Steven Banwart; Sue Hartley; T.E. Cotton2020 Journal ArticleEnglish Agriculture, Carbon Sequestration
#Potential of global croplands and bioenergy crops for climate change mitigation through deployment for enhanced weathering David Beerling; Evan DeLucia; Ilsa Kantola; Michael Masters; Stephen Long2017 Journal ArticleEnglish Carbon Sequestration, Climate Change
#Nitrogen in rock: Occurrences and biogeochemical implications JoAnn Holloway; Randy Dahlgren2002 Journal ArticleEnglish Agrogeology
#Enhancing phytolith carbon sequestration in rice ecosystems through basalt powder amendment Fengshan Guo; Hailong Wang; Leigh Sullivan; Xudong Wang; Xueyan Liu; Yuying Zhao; Zhaoliang Song; Zimin Li2015 Journal ArticleEnglish Agrogeology, Carbon Sequestration
#Quorum Sensing in Nitrogen-Fixing Rhizobia Juan Gonzales; Melanie Marketon2003 Journal ArticleEnglish
#Critical evaluation of strategies for mineral fortification of staple food crops Ana Pelacho; Changfu Zhu; Duraialagaraja Sudhakar; Eduard Rojas; Sonia Gomez-Galera; Teresa Capell2009 Journal ArticleEnglish Agriculture, Agrogeology
#Amazonia as a carbon source linked to deforestation and climate change Alber Sanches; Caio Correia; Carlos Nobre; Celso Von Randow; Egidio Arai; Graciela Tejada; Henrique Cassol; John Miller; Liana Anderson; Luana Basso; Lucas Domingues; Luciana Gatti; Luciano Marani; Luiz Aragao; Manuel Gloor; Raiana Neves; Sergio Correa; Stephane Crispim; Wouter Peters2021 Journal ArticleEnglish Carbon Sequestration, Climate Change
#Diverging patterns at the forest edge: Soil respiration dynamics of fragmented forests in urban and rural areas Andrew Reinmann; Erin Pierce; Lucy Hutyra; Pamela Templer; Sara Garvey2022 Journal ArticleEnglish Agriculture
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