# Title Authors Year Type of Publication Language Research Area
# The influence of particle size on the potential of enhanced basalt weathering for carbon dioxide removal – Insights from a regional assessment Christoph von Hagke; Thomas Rinder 2021 Journal Article English Agriculture, Carbon Sequestration, Climate Change
# Climate Change Mitigation through Enhanced Weathering in Bioenergy Crops DeLucia, Evan; Ilsa Kantola; K. J.; Michael Masters 2016 Journal Article English Agriculture, Carbon Sequestration, Climate Change
# Substantial carbon drawdown potential from enhanced rock weathering in the United Kingdom Amy Lewis; David J Beerling; Euripides P. Kantzas; Hector Pollitt; Jean-Francois Mercure; Lyla Taylor; Maria Val Martin; Mark Lomas; Negar Vakilifard; Neil R Edwards; Nick Pidgeon; Phil Renforth; Philip Holden; Pim Vercoulen; Steven Banwart 2022 Journal Article English Agriculture, Carbon Sequestration
# Combating Climate Change Through Enhanced Weathering of Agricultural Soils Lyla Taylor 2019 Journal Article English Agriculture, Carbon Sequestration, Climate Change
# Simulating carbon capture by enhanced weathering with croplands: an overview of key processes highlighting areas of future model development David Beerling; Lyla Taylor; Shaun Quegan; Steven Banwart 2017 Journal Article English Agriculture, Carbon Sequestration
# Effects of mineralogy, chemistry and physical properties of basalts on carbon capture potential and plant-nutrient element release via enhanced weathering Amy Lewis; Binoy Sarkar; David J Beerling; Ilsa Kantola; Jonathan Leake; Kalu Davies; Kok Loong Yeong; Lyla Taylor; Mark Hodson; Michael Bird; Michael Masters; Paul Nelson; Peter Wade; Simon Kemp; Steven Banwart 2021 Journal Article English Agriculture, Agrogeology, Carbon Sequestration
# Enhanced weathering using basalt rock powder: carbon sequestration, co-benefits and risks in a mesocosm study with Solanum tuberosum. Arthur Vienna; Miguel Portillo-Estrada; Samuel Ijiehon; Silvia Poblador Ibanez 2022 Journal Article English
# The usefulness of the rock dust for the remediation of soils contaminated with nickel Bernard Gałka; Ewa Stanisławska-Glubiak; Marek Jakubowski 2013 Journal Article English Agriculture, Agrogeology
# Agronomic potential of four rock powders, pure or mixed, as soil remineralizers Gabriel Cunha; Jaime Almeida 2021 Journal Article English Agriculture
# Application of andesite rock as a clean source of fertilizer for eucalyptus crop: Evidence of sustainability Adilson Dalmora; Claudete G. Ramos; Ivo Schneider; Luis F.S. Oliveira; Marcos L.S. Oliveira; Rubens M. Kautzmann 2020 Journal Article English Agrogeology
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