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Assessment of the enhanced weathering potential of different silicate minerals to improve soil quality and sequester CO2

Emily Pas; Mathilde Hagens; Rob Comans

2023Journal ArticleEnglishAgrogeology; Carbon Sequestration; Climate Change

Removal of atmospheric CO2 by engineered soils in infrastructure projects

David Manning; Karl Kraavi; M. Ehsan Jorat

2022Journal ArticleEnglishCarbon Sequestration; Climate Change

Impacts of dissolved phosphorus and soil-mineral-fluid interactions on CO2 removal through enhanced weathering of wollastonite in soils

Anna Harrison; Cameron Wood; Ian Powers

2023Journal ArticleEnglishAgrogeology; Carbon Sequestration

Detection and quantification of low levels of carbonate mineral species using thermogravimetric-mass spectrometry to validate CO2 drawdown via enhanced rock weathering


Remineralizing soils? The agricultural usage of silicate rock powders: A review

Martin Hamer; Philip Swoboda; Thomas Doring

2022Journal ArticleEnglishAgriculture

Assessing a bio-energy system with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) through dynamic life cycle assessment and land-water-energy nexus

Ana Claudia Dias; Andrei Briones-Hidrovo; Jose Ramon Copa Rey; Luis A.C. Tarelho; Sandra Beauchet

2022Journal ArticleEnglishCarbon Sequestration

Evaluating feedstocks for carbon dioxide removal by enhanced rock weathering and CO2 mineralization

Amanda Stubbs; Baolin Wang; Carlos Paulo; Ian Power; Nina Zeyen; Siobhan Wilson

2021Journal ArticleEnglishCarbon Sequestration

CO2 sequestration by wollastonite-amended agricultural soils – An Ontario field study

Fatima Haque; Rafael M. Santos; Yi Wai Chiang

2020Journal ArticleEnglishCarbon Sequestration

Increasing negative charge and nutrient contents of a highly weathered soil using basalt and rice husk to promote cocoa growth under field conditions

C.I. Fauziah; J. Shamshuddin; Markus Anda

2013Journal ArticleEnglishAgriculture; Agrogeology

Carbonate precipitation in artificial soils produced from basaltic quarry fines and composts: An opportunity for passive carbon sequestration

E; Manning, D.A.C.; N; P; S

2013Journal ArticleEnglishCarbon Sequestration

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