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Effect of Silicate Rock Dust in Forests: Result of the Experiments in the Forest of Arenberg-Schleiden after Five Years

Hahn, Ulrich

1991Magazine Article; ReportEnglishAgriculture

A Technique Called N-Viro Soil Remineralization Using Sewage Sludge Mixed with Cement Kiln Dust

Montgomery, Tad

1991Magazine Article; ReportEnglishAgriculture

An Interview with Dr. Robert Bruck, Ph.D. Director of the Environment for North Carolina on the State of the Appalachian Forests and Remineralization

Campe, Joanna

1992Magazine Article; ReportEnglishAgriculture

Preliminary Results for the Soil Remineralization Forestry Trials On Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina

Bruck, Robert

1992Magazine Article; ReportEnglishAgriculture

Soil Improvement: The Step Beyond Men of the Trees Remineralization Trials

Oldfield, Barrie

1992Magazine Article; ReportEnglishAgriculture

Rocks for Crops: Agrominerals of sub-Saharan Africa.

van Straaten, Peter

2002BookEnglishAgriculture; Agrogeology

Dust in the Wind

Taylor, David A.

2002Journal ArticleEnglishClimate Change

Evaluation for the Potential Use of Silicate Rocks from Four Volcanoes in Indonesia as Fertilizer and Soil Ameliorant

Arifin, Zaenal; Priyono, Joko; Sutriono, Raden

2009Journal ArticleEnglishAgriculture

A holistic approach to mitigating pathogenic effects on trees

Klinger, Lee

2009Conference ProceedingsEnglishAgriculture

Efficacy, sustainability and diffusion potential of rock dust for soil remediation in Chontales, Nicaragua

Haller, Henrik

2011Master's ThesisEnglishAgriculture; Agrogeology

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