Remineralization stabilizes the climate through the sequestration of carbon in agricultural and forest soils. While unhealthy forests give off CO2, healthy forests are a carbon sink- increased vitality and growth leads to an increase in carbon sequestration.

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Optimizing Inorganic Carbon Sequestration and Crop Yield With Wollastonite Soil Amendment in a Microplot Study

Fatima Haque; Rafael M. Santos; Yi Wai Chiang

2020Journal ArticleEnglishCarbon Sequestration; Climate Change


Antonio Nilson Zamunér Filho; Antover Panazollo Sarmento; Fernanda Macedo

2020Research ProjectEnglishCarbon Sequestration; Climate Change

How temperature-dependent silicate weathering acts as Earth’s geological thermostat

Andrew Shaughnessy; Marina I. Lebedeva; S. L. Brantley; Victor N. Balashov

2023Journal ArticleEnglishCarbon Sequestration; Climate Change

Effects of precipitation seasonality, irrigation, vegetation cycle and soil type on enhanced weathering – modeling of cropland case studies across four sites

Amilcare Porporato; Giuseppe Cipolla; Leonardo V. Noto; Salvatore Calabrese

2022Journal ArticleEnglishAgrogeology; Climate Change

Global agricultural trade and land system sustainability: Implications for ecosystem carbon storage, biodiversity, and human nutrition

Abhishek Chaudhary; Alexandra Marques; Florian Schwarzmuller; Gaetane Le Provost; Giorgio Bidoglio; Simone Gingrich; Thomas Kastner; U. Martin Persson

2021Journal ArticleEnglishAgriculture; Carbon Sequestration; Climate Change

Assessment of the enhanced weathering potential of different silicate minerals to improve soil quality and sequester CO2

Emily Pas; Mathilde Hagens; Rob Comans

2023Journal ArticleEnglishAgrogeology; Carbon Sequestration; Climate Change

Removal of atmospheric CO2 by engineered soils in infrastructure projects

David Manning; Karl Kraavi; M. Ehsan Jorat

2022Journal ArticleEnglishCarbon Sequestration; Climate Change

Organic acids and high soil CO2 drive intense chemical weathering of Hawaiian basalts: Insights from reactive transport models

Alida Perez-Fodich

2019Journal ArticleEnglishAgriculture; Climate Change

Climate change mitigation: potential benefits and pitfalls of enhanced rock weathering in tropical agriculture

Christopher Pearce; David Beerling; David Edwards; Felix Lim; Julie Scholes; Rachael James; Robert Freckleton

2017Journal ArticleEnglishCarbon Sequestration; Climate Change

Possibilities of using silicate rock powder: An overview

Claudete G. Ramos; Erica Blanco; James Hower; Marcos L.S. Oliveira; Suzi Theodoro

2022Journal ArticleEnglishAgriculture; Agrogeology; Carbon Sequestration; Climate Change

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