#TitleAuthorsYearType of PublicationLanguageResearch Area
#How will minerals feed the world in 2050? Manning, D.A.C.2015 Journal ArticleEnglish Agriculture, Agrogeology
#Container production of tomato with food by‐product compost and mineral fines Barker, A.V.; Campe, Joanna; O'Brien, T.A.1999 Journal ArticleEnglish Agriculture
#STONEMEAL IN THE SOUTH OF MARANHÃO AND PIAUÍ STATES Marques, Valter José; Serfaty-Marques, Suely2013 Conference ProceedingsEnglish Agriculture, Agrogeology
#EFFECTS OF STONEMEAL WITH ORGANIC FERTILIZATION ON TROPICAL SOILS Leonardos, Othon Henry; Medeiros, Fernanda de Paula; Oliveira, Neuza; Rego, Kleysson Garrido; Santos, Francisca dos; Talini, Neodir Luiz; Theodoro, Suzi Huff2013 Conference ProceedingsEnglish Agriculture, Agrogeology
#Performance evaluation of phonolite through mineral form and enrichment of filter cake in sugarcane ratoon Casadei, Reginaldo Aparecido; Ferraz, Marcos Roberto; Lunardi, Leonardo; Luz, Pedro Henrique de Cerqueira; Peres, Celso Eduardo Bonafé; Yasuda, Minoru2013 Conference ProceedingsEnglish Agriculture, Agrogeology
#ACTION OF MICROORGANISMS IN BASALT POWDER Azevedo, Antonio Carlos de; Filho, Raul A.; Silva, Lucas Dressano Pereira da2013 Conference ProceedingsEnglish Agriculture, Agrogeology
#Remineralization of agricultural soils using residues from the amethyst and agate extracting industry, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Abreu, Clarissa Trois; Bortoluzzi, Edson Campanhola; Hartmann, Léo Afraneo; Silva, Juliano Tonezer da2013 Conference ProceedingsEnglish Agriculture, Agrogeology
#Soil Rejuvenation in Mauritius Villiers, D'Hotman de1948 Journal ArticleEnglish Agriculture
#Possibilities for Development of the Wood and Forestry Economy in Germany that Include Remineralization Gartner, Edgar1986 Magazine ArticleEnglish Agriculture
#Applications of Diabase Rock Dust in Brixlegg Forest Abermann, Georg; Campe, Joanna1987 Magazine ArticleEnglish Agriculture
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