#TitleAuthorsYearType of PublicationLanguageResearch Area
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#Soil Rejuvenation in Mauritius Villiers, D'Hotman de1948 Journal ArticleEnglishAgriculture
#Possibilities for Development of the Wood and Forestry Economy in Germany that Include Remineralization Gartner, Edgar1986 Magazine ArticleEnglishAgriculture
#Applications of Diabase Rock Dust in Brixlegg Forest Abermann, Georg; Campe, Joanna1987 Magazine ArticleEnglishAgriculture
#The Weathering Properties of Silicate Rock Dust Under Laboratory Conditions Pertl, W.; Vogtmann, H.; von Fragstein, Peter1987 Magazine ArticleEnglishAgriculture
#Information for the Application of Silicate Rock Dust for the Amelioration of Forest Soils Foerst, K.; Saute, Von U.1986 Magazine Article, ReportEnglishAgriculture, Agrogeology
#Pot Test Trial II of Basalt, Serpentine, Bentonite, Feldspar, and Kaolin Graefe, Gernot1987 Magazine Article, ReportEnglishAgriculture
#Compensational Fertilization with Silicate Rock Dust For Buffering Damaged Forest Soils: First Experential Report Hahn, Ulrich1989 Magazine Article, ReportEnglishAgriculture
#Remineralization Trials: Minplus and Bananas A Cost Benefit Study Edwards, T.D.1991 Magazine Article, ReportEnglishAgriculture
#Effect of Silicate Rock Dust in Forests: Result of the Experiments in the Forest of Arenberg-Schleiden after Five Years Hahn, Ulrich1991 Magazine Article, ReportEnglishAgriculture
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