#TitleAuthorsYearType of PublicationLanguageResearch Area
#A Technique Called N-Viro Soil Remineralization Using Sewage Sludge Mixed with Cement Kiln Dust Montgomery, Tad1991 Magazine Article, ReportEnglishAgriculture
#An Interview with Dr. Robert Bruck, Ph.D. Director of the Environment for North Carolina on the State of the Appalachian Forests and Remineralization Campe, Joanna1992 Magazine Article, ReportEnglishAgriculture
#Preliminary Results for the Soil Remineralization Forestry Trials On Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina Bruck, Robert1992 Magazine Article, ReportEnglishAgriculture
#Soil Improvement: The Step Beyond Men of the Trees Remineralization Trials Oldfield, Barrie1992 Magazine Article, ReportEnglishAgriculture
#Rocks for Crops: Agrominerals of sub-Saharan Africa. van Straaten, Peter2002 BookEnglishAgriculture, Agrogeology
#Dust in the Wind Taylor, David A.2002 Journal ArticleEnglishClimate Change
#Evaluation for the Potential Use of Silicate Rocks from Four Volcanoes in Indonesia as Fertilizer and Soil Ameliorant Arifin, Zaenal; Priyono, Joko; Sutriono, Raden2009 Journal ArticleEnglishAgriculture
#A holistic approach to mitigating pathogenic effects on trees Klinger, Lee2009 Conference ProceedingsEnglishAgriculture
#Efficacy, sustainability and diffusion potential of rock dust for soil remediation in Chontales, Nicaragua Haller, Henrik2011 Master's ThesisEnglishAgriculture, Agrogeology
#Rock’s power to mop up carbon revisited Cressey, Daniel2014 News ArticleEnglishCarbon Sequestration, Climate Change
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