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Farming with Nature for True Taste

Have a look at this great article written by Bruce Boyers in the January/February 2009 Organic Connections Magazine, the magazine of Natural Vitality, on the Bob Cannard, remineralization's most famous farm. The produce from his fields is so bursting with taste and nutrition, that a number of years ago, he was hand picked by world-famous chef Alice Waters to supply fruits and vegetables to her Chez Panisse restaurant. http://organicconnectmag.com/wp/2009/01/bob-cannard-farming-with-nature-for-true-taste/

Organic Connections Magazine Wins Award

Organic Connections, a wonderful magazine put out by Natural Vitality, has recently won a design award. The magazine often carries articles on RTE and soil remineralization. The recent July-August issue featured an article with Dr. Arden Andersen titled How We Can Restore Nutritional Content to Our Food. The coming September-October issue will feature RTE Director Dan Kittredge and the Real Food Campaign. For a free subscription, go to Organic Connections.   Much of RTE's sponsorship for 2007-2008 has come through a percentage of profits paid by Natural Vitality through their Natural Revitalization program. To see a video and story about this ...

Remineralize the Earth Under Sponsorship!

  Remineralize the Earth is being generously sponsored by Natural Vitality under the company's Natural Revitalization program. As part of the program's aim to address global warming, RTE will be receiving a percentage of Natural Vitality's profits in 2007. The company will also play an integral role in helping us expand our membership base and has designed the new logo for Remineralize the Earth seen here. Click here to read the press release!

Saving Dying Oaks in California

Hearst Castle Study Scientist Lee Klinger has initiated Sudden Oak Life, a movement to put forth a more global, systems approach in understanding and solving the tree decline problem in California and elsewhere focusing on boosting the fertility of the soils with natural, mineral-rich fertilizers so that the trees are healthier and better able to survive attacks by diseases and pests. View results on Dr. Lee Klinger's website, suddenoaklife.org. Case study results from treated and untreated coast live oaks from January 4, 2006 to September 25, 2007. An article on Dr. Lee Klinger, Saving the California Oaks: Dr. Lee Klinger uses remineralization to ...