Soil scientist Jairo Restrepo Rivera of COAS has books and a video available in Spanish on remineralization

“It is lamentable that as soil scientists coming from the university classroom we are not acquainted with the natural solubility of the minerals found in rocks. What would Julius Hensel say!”

“What we need to discuss is, what gives life to plants? What animates the minerals so that they can be transformed into biodiversity? For this we have to make a great effort as scientists to understand that agriculture and plants aren’t the arbitrary sum of minerals: plants are harmony, a symphony, a miracle of nature. For me, is enough to respect the miracle, feel that life is beautiful and that we have to defend it and live it intensely.”

Soil scientist Jairo Restrepo Rivera, a leading expert on the forefront of remineralization is speaking and giving workshops at many conferences in Latin America, most recently in Columbia, Brazil, and Mexico. He has put together a series of very practical how to books and videos available in Spanish at the website of COAS, Consultants for Sustainable Agriculture and Permaculture.

In his book, Manual Práctico ABC de la Agricultura Orgánica y Harina de Rocas, he puts forth practical information for remineralizing and regenerating tired overcultivated soils with rock dust. In the video of the same name, remineralization is perfectly explained and demonstrated and you will be able to acquire and understanding of the total process of soil regeneration with rock dust, green manures, and remineralization. He has also translated Bread from Stones by Julius Hensel into Spanish.portadaabc3

For an extraordinary interview with him in Spanish, click here.

Jairo Restrepo Rivera has published 40 scientific papers and 14 books on organic agriculture. He has participated in more than 500 conferences on the subject of organic agriculture and worked with 37 universities. He has worked as a consultant for governments and parliaments and is the founder of various NGO’s, foundations, programs, and international initiatives. He has taught over 400 courses in 52 countries, is a consultant to the UN, UNESCO and Panama and FAO in Chile and Brazil.

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  • Michelle Miller
    February 16, 2023 (11:11 am)

    I am excited to learn about your work from Mariel Romero Mendez and BE Farrell at the 2023 Organic Farming Conference in LaCrosse, Wisconsin on February 23.

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