The Green Disk given to UN Delegates at COP15 in Copenhagen will include RTE

Official Green Disc Press Release at COP15


The Green Disc: New Technologies for a New World.
United Nations Climate Change Conference COP15 in Copenhagen
December 2009

UN Delegates learn about Remineralize the Earth (RTE) & Soil Remineralisation through “The Green Disc: New Technologies for a New World”. The environmentally friendly disc is a 40 chapter interactive multimedia disc of innovative, proven, cost-effective new technologies for integrated sustainable development, adaptation to rising temperature and sea level and solutions for reversing global climate change.

Rapidly Implementing New Approaches is Key to Reversing Climate Change RTE’s chapter on soil mineralisation joins technologies poised to solve major global climate, development and environmental problems: Ocean energy, biomass energy, waste recycling to make clean water, energy, carbon-negative fuels and fertilizer, carbon sequestration, soil fertility restoration, large scale restoration of land and ocean ecosystems, and sustainable agriculture and mariculture.

Highlighted Technologies are the Future of Green Sustainable Development These technologies are vital in reversing atmospheric CO2 buildup and global warming, and stabilizing global CO2 and temperature at safe levels in time to prevent the impacts of runaway climate change, while maximizing global sustainable development benefits.

To read the U.N. Climate Change Conference press release click here.

Green Disc Developed by:

The United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development Small Island Developing States Partnership in New Sustainable Technologies (SIDSPINST)

Green Disc Edited by:

Dr. Thomas Goreau: founder and Coordinator of the Partnership, a member of the Jamaica delegation, and former Senior Scientific Affairs Officer for global climate change and biodiversity issues at the United Nations Centre for Science and Technology for Development)

Sara Trab Nielsen of Denmark; author and editor of several major World Bank publications on the impacts of global climate change on sustainable development.


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