First International Conference on Rock Dust and of Soil Health in Mexico


The Mexican organization COAS – Consejeros en Agricultura Sostenible y Permacultura (Council on Sustainable Agriculture and Permaculture) and CUCI (Centro Universitario de la Cienega (University Center of la Cienaga) will be celebrating the First International Conference on Rock Dust and Soil Health from November 30 through December 2, 2009.

For information and registration please contact

Tel (33) 3620-1946 10 PM 2 PM

PLACE: Auditorium Dr. Jesus Mario Rivas Souza University Center Cienega University of Guadalajara in Ocotlan, Jalisco, Mexico

DATE: November 30 to December 2, 2009

COST: General admission $ 1,800 pesos

$ 1,000 pesos students and teachers with valid proof

PRE-REGISTRATION $ 1,500 pesos. Deadline November 23, 2009

With the participation of the cutting edge specialists in geology, soil health and organic agriculture, the international conference is a unique opportunity to learn about the latest in soil nutrition and health benefits for plants, animals and humans.

National specialists will be addressing the concepts of geology and the role of diversity of minerals in the land, their composition, origin and their influence on the development of living beings as well as their application in agricultural production.

Come listen to farmers who are experimenting with rock dust, green manures, and microorganisms on large scale on tens of thousands of acres as they share their experiences of increased profit margins by reducing costs created by the use of agrochemicals and synthetic fertilizers.

International experts on organic agriculture will show, through chromatographic analysis, the advantages of soil remineralization and its positive influence on the development of soil biota and its impact on land productivity.

During the 3 day program, there will be lectures, exchanging information with farmers from other countries and workshops on soil health by using rock dust and microorganisms. Consultations on application and dosage on crops will also be offered to conference attendees.

COAS is a council of experts working for the welfare of society, promoting a balance between consumption and regeneration of natural resources.

The Council is dedicated to researching and decoding knowledge for practical use and development of skills to those interested in obtaining their own food resources, increasing the value of their agro-production activity, improving their quality of life and developing their habitat in harmony with the environment.


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