Remineralize the Earth makes the ‘Platinum’ grade with GuideStar

  • Image of RTE's listing on the GuideStar website, showing the Platinum Seal of Transparency.

Remineralize the Earth has received the GuideStar’s Platinum Seal of Transparency — their newest and highest level of recognition. The official description of this rating says, “This organization is a platinum-level GuideStar participant, demonstrating its commitment to transparency.” The prestigious honor demonstrates RTE’s commitment to measuring progress and results. Fewer than 3 percent of nonprofits achieve a GuideStar platinum rating.

Each year, millions of people, including individual donors, nonprofit leaders, grant makers, government officials and academic researchers, as well as media, use GuideStar data to make intelligent decisions about the social sector. GuideStar Platinum allows individual donors and foundations to see the value and success of RTE, based on metrics reported through the GuideStar Nonprofit Profile.

To reach this status, RTE has publicized extensive information regarding such things as its mission, capabilities, program metrics and finances on the philanthropic platform. RTE’s GuideStar listing, reports a variety of results up to 2018:

  • We have partnered on many research projects and scientific trials,
  • We hosted 75 scientific papers in our research database, many of which were translated from Portuguese to English by 12 volunteer translators,
  • We participated in over 150 conferences since 2008,
  • 700 websites and organizations (outside of our organization, including academics, activists, and farmers) have shared our resources and information,
  • We published 190 articles on our website.

As of now at the beginning of 2020, these numbers have only gone up. We have partnered on 16 research projects. We continue to add scientific papers to the research database, to participate in conferences, and to reach more and more organizations. We have also greatly increased our website content with more frequent updates.

GuideStar is an information service that gathers, organizes and reports on 2.7 million U.S nonprofit organizations within its database. It also serves to verify that a recipient group is established and donated funds go where intended. With its Platinum status, RTE can continue to grow and spread its remineralization message to the world.


Carter Haydu is a writer, reporter, and journalist based in Alberta and Saskatchewan. He works for JuneWarren-Nickle’s Energy Group, with regular articles appearing in the Daily Oil Bulletin. He is a freelance columnist with the award-winning Quad Town Forum weekly newspaper, based in Vibank, Saskatchewan. He also contributes content for a series of magazines in and around Regina and Saskatoon. He received a BA in Political Science and Philosophy from Augustana University College in 2001 and a diploma in journalism from Grant Macewan College in 2005.

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