May 12-17, 2013: Brazil Leads the Way with Upcoming Conference

Joanna Campe, executive director of Remineralize the Earth, has been invited to give a presentation at the II Brazilian Stonemeal Congress (II BSC). Her presentation will be on an overview of the global remineralization movement and its potential.

At the Congress, taking place in Poços de Caldas – Minas Gerais from May 12-17, 2013, geologists, agronomists, veterinarians, biologists, farmers, entrepreneurs and government officials will have the opportunity to discuss proposals for public policies for the support and feasibility of the remineralization of Brazilian soils. Brazil is currently the leading country for remineralization research, development and policymaking in the world.

The event is being held with the joint cooperation of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MCTI), the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA), Brazil Petroleum SA, (Petrobras), Embrapa Cerrados, the Center of Mineral Technology (CETEM), the Brazilian Geological Service (CPRM), the National Department of Mineral Production (DNPM), the University of Brasília (UnB), the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV), and the Technology Foundation Center of Minas Gerais (SENAI).

It’s been almost three years since the first Congress, which was held in Brasilia, Brazil, from September 21-24, 2009. At that conference it became clear that periodic conferences were needed to share and consolidate cutting-edge science, open up debate, and foster education and outreach for the important and developing technology of utilizing rock dust and agrominerals for agriculture.

Research results justify a 2nd Conference in which to create the context for an ongoing discussion and framework in which to continue development of the stonemeal technology in Brazil, as well as its contribution to sustainable food supply production, and for optimal use of the large potential of mineral resources – which are distributed all across the country and can be considered a great resource of macro and micro mineral nutrients. This scientific gathering will promote not only prestigious research presentation forums, but also exchange of information and acknowledgement in the field of remineralization.

The Second Brazilian Stonemeal Conference focuses on the deepening of scientific and technological debate around the use of rock dust, ores and powdered minerals for the remineralization of soils, establishing a regulatory framework for registry and commercialization of rock dust and its products. It will also introduce the discussion of creating agromineral hubs, organized on a cooperative basis to raise awareness of remineralization technology and production for national agriculture and the raising of livestock.

Recognition and interest is indeed expanding, thanks to results obtained by several research institutions (such as Embrapa, UnB, UFV, CPRM) confirming that remineralization is an alternative and/or complement to standard fertilizers in research and demonstration trials that have since taken place. Stonemeal technology has already become a reality in several sustainable agricultural production systems across the country, particularly among family farmers in the south of Brazil. Since it is in agreement with agroecological principles, it has become a viable alternative for regenerating degraded soils.

The realization of the II Brazilian Stonemeal Congress is a unique opportunity to gather investigators, specialists, policymarkers, university students, producers and whoever might be interested in this developing technology. A central topic to be debated is creating the context for the state of the art in relationship to current research and its practical applicability, leading to the registration of product commercialization.

Objectives of the Congress include: to present the most cutting-edge scientific and technological advances related to the use of agrominerals; to evaluate and discuss the advances obtained in relation to the I Brazilian Stonemeal Congress; to garner the potential of the use of powdered rock as a tool for the remineralization/rejuvenation of rock dust; to develop a trade association for research and companies involved with the commercialization of rock dust; to evaluate the advances obtained in the field of practical application of rock dust; to establish courses of action for the regulation of agromineral’s registration and commercialization as a source of nutrients; and lastly, to publish, in the BSC’s proceedings, innovative scientific extended abstracts related to the stonemeal (remineralization) movement.

We envision that developments in Brazil will spread to other countries, including the U.S.!

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