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New Research Project Considers Rock Dust’s Impact on Such Things as the Nitrogen Cycle

The nitrogen cycle is perhaps one of the least understood and most complicated of nature’s cycles, especially when basalt is added to the system, according to Rock Dust Local founder Tom Vanacore. He adds, this makes it a topic worthy of further investigation. Vanacore notes scientists in the U.S. Midwest have observed changing nitrous oxide levels when NPK and basalt were spread across conventional farms, indicating rock dust does interact with the nitrogen cycle. “They looked at water and saw an increase in nitrate concentrations in the bio-water. This is out in Illinois where there is black dirt and they’ve been farming conventionally ...

Action for Australian Soils

Under our feet, is a resource that can change the world, halt climate change, reduce sickness and ensure food security for future generations. There is an urgent need to rejuvenate the soil by turning back the clock and looking at natural sources of food that will nourish the soil rather than degrade it. While people don’t think much about soil, it quietly and continuously services life on earth. (more…)