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Bread from Stones by Julius Hensel– Book Review

Bread from Stones   “Our most optimistic expectations are no less than the realization of an old dream: ‘What will fertilizing with stone dust accomplish? It will turn stones into bread, make barren regions fruitful, and feed the hungry.’” --Ward Chesworth and coauthors, quoting Julius Hensel [1]   Producing healthy, nutritious foods starts with creating fertile soils to support proper food growth. Dr. Alexis Carrel, a Nobel Prize winner, commented in 1912 that “minerals in the soil [...] control the metabolism of cells in plant, animal, and man [...] if soil is deficient in trace elements, food and water will be ...

Stone Age Science: Rejuvenating the Earth with Rock Dust

Dylan Keating explores the global implications of rock dust and explains why applying it in our gardens can transform our crops. (more…)