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How to Remineralize the Earth: Getting vital nutrients back into our soil

How to Remineralize the Earth: Getting vital nutrients back into our soil We know that "traditionally grown" fruits and vegetables we see in supermarkets are both lacking in vitamins and minerals and have added chemicals from fertilizers and pesticides. These toxic additions in particular fueled the demand for organic produce but did not completely address the lack of nutrients. Going back in time, our soil was rich with minerals, which found their way into our foods in healthy doses. Mineralized soil grew healthier crops providing the vitamins and minerals we now need to take as supplements. Additionally, hardier plants were capable of repelling ...

Andy Lopez, Invisible Gardener

Andy Lopez, Invisible Gardener Visit the website of Andy Lopez at InvisibleGardener.com. Andy has a weekly radio show on Saturday mornings at 10 AM PST. Call in to ask questions about remineralization. Don Weaver and Joanna Campe are guests on his "rock dust parties" on his show from time to time.

Bob Cannard, keynote speaker at the Acres USA Conference

Bob Cannard, keynote speaker at the Acres USA Conference Acres U.S.A. is North America's oldest, largest magazine covering eco-agriculture. The annual Acres U.S.A. conference brings together farmers and consultants from every side of eco-farming to share their experience and expertise. The 2005 Acres U.S.A. Conference, Food as Medicine, Farm as Healer: Producing Crops of Superior Nutritional Density, Innovating and Adding Value on the Farm, Effectively Selling to Quality-Conscious Markets, took place in Indianapolis, Indiana on December 8-10, 2005. (AcresUSA.com) (more…)

Remineralization on a roll:

Remineralization on a roll: Joy Kogias of New South Wales, Australia, has come up with an ingenious product to combat global warming, the greenhouse effect, loss of marine biodiversity and mass extinction. Enviro-Roll Sea Tissue is for use on all ocean going vessels, offshore oil platforms, etc...When used and disposed of in fresh or saltwater environments, the toilet paper, which is impregnated with glacial moraine, nourishes the burgeoning phytoplankton which are a key to stabilizing the climate. Enviro-Roll Land Tissue promotes the growth of land vegetation once used and discarded. She has developed regional specific seed mixes combined with rock ...

Researcher Andrew Harley Joins Our Staff

Researcher Andrew Harley Joins Our Staff We are excited to have Andrew Harley from the University of Western Australia join our staff. He has moved from Perth to Denver, Colorado with his family. Andrew comes to us with a background in geoscience and a PhD in the area of Remineralization. As he describes in the Meet the Staff section, "[We will be working closely] to identify and pursue funding opportunities that merge growers, suppliers and scientists to further demonstrate the importance of remineralization in organic agriculture, nutrient cycling, soil remediation and CO2 cycling and sequestration."

Mr. Natural, Carrot Shaman Bob Cannard

Carrot Shaman Bob Cannard grows the most celebrated designer vegetables in the Golden State. By Christina Waters With its unruly hedgerows of peach trees and musical creek meandering down the mountain, Cannard Farms in Sonoma, California is by any standard a rustic Eden. It was an exuberant endorsement by Greg Steltenpohl, founder of Odwalla juices, that brought me here: "Bob's carrots are amazing--he's a carrot shaman!" Steltenpohl had put his money where his mouth was, retaining Bob Cannard to develop Odwalla's new 65-acre carrot patch, whence flowed the very roots of the company's ubiquitous carrot juice. After putting two and two together and ...

Remineralize the Earth Embarks on a Research Project at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

By Dan Kittredge Throughout the 20th century and into the 21st the nutrient density in our food crops has been consistently declining. USDA studies show that an average apple from the 1960's had 5 times the nutrition of that same apple produced today. This is an average of course, and there are many farms who have figured out how to produce high nutrient density crops even while the national average has been plummeting. Remineralize The Earth has just embarked on a research project in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts to document the effect on nutrient density of crops with the application of rock dusts and biological amendments. ...

Water purification and lava/lava-basalt dust!

More than 60 years ago prominent German scientists, under the guidance of Dr. K. Seidel, rediscovered, by observing nature, the self-cleansing process of natural rivers, streams, and waterways. Botanical sewage purification, a natural process, is an outgrowth from classical land treatment of wastewater. Today, this classical method of application to land has been updated and serves as an ideal, natural way to purify human, animal and industrial sewage. It also has the potential to clean rainwater, reservoirs, and groundwater. The system consists of shallow basins connected by pipes. The purification is accomplished through a symbiotic relationship ...