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joanna-250“Remineralization is one of the most important missions on the planet at this time. Together, we can remineralize gardens, farms, landscapes, and forests. We can grow nutrient-dense food and improve the nutrition and well-being of all life. And in the larger picture, it’s a key strategy to stabilize the climate!“

Joanna Campe
Executive Director


Image: SEER Centre Garden


Given the immediate and growing threats of climate change, desertification, and increased food insecurity, Remineralize the Earth is helping to create better soils, better food, and a better planet by means of soil remineralization.

Through our research, education, advocacy, partnerships, and implementation we are:

  • Regenerating soils and forests around the world
  • Increasing the nutritional quality and yield of food production
  • Stabilizing the climate


In 2013 your donation will help us:



  • Initiate projects worldwide such as an agroforestry project in Cameroon.


  • Partner with local organizations such as Grow Food Northampton to remineralize community gardens.


  • Complete our research on crops at New Harmony Farm in Massachusetts as well as effects of remineralization on carbon sequestration to stabilize the climate.


  • Help us with our forthcoming book Innovative Methods of Soil Fertility Restoration, Carbon Sequestration, and Reversing CO2 Increase. This will be the definitive book that puts remineralization on the map of the scientific community and in policymaking circles.


  • We’ve just launched the only research database dedicated solely to research on remineralization and thanks to your donations we can continue to expand it, keep it freely available and make it a resource for everyone from farmers and gardeners to scientists and policymakers.


  • Help us launch a world map and directory of mineral sources.


  • Promote educational programs and class projects in which students contribute research to our coming interactive world map and directory.




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Thank you for joining us today! Please become a member of RTE and support us on Patreon. Unlike many larger organizations, we work with a team of determined and passionate volunteers to get our message out. We aim to continue to increase the awareness of remineralization to initiate projects across the globe that remineralize soils, grow nutrient dense food, regenerate our forests’ and stabilize the climate – with your help! If you can, please support us on a monthly basis from just $2, rest assured that you are making a big impact every single month in support of our mission. Thank you!

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