Joanna Campe’s Testimonial

Joanna Campe

Abadiania, Brazil

Bougainvillea before remineralization.

Bougainvillea six weeks later.

For the last four years I have been spending a few months every year at a healing center in Brazil during the winter and rent a house with a lovely garden. Last year a friend, Walter Schroth, who has an inn called Pousada Caminho Encantado very close by, became an avid remineralizer and has remineralized hundreds of trees. This trip he offered me some rock dust that he gets from the local quarry, a quite finely ground bluish basaltwhich looks very similar to the basalt available in Kauai, which is referred to as bluestone.

He also loaned me his gardener who wheeled it over in a wheelbarrow. The first picture taken on November 10th soon after I arrived shows a bougainvillea near the end of its blossoming time. All the times that I have stayed here the tree has grown very little. The rock dust was applied on December 21. The plants have a gravel mulch and the rock dust was applied on top leaving it to the rain to take it throgh the gravel into the soil. The next photos were taken on February 9th, only six weeks later! I have never seen such dense flower before. I emailed the photos to the owner of the house who was quite awed. The tree is bending over to such a degree that we will have to put new supports to hold up it up. Many of the other plants have tremendous new growth and some that were chlorotic are a verdant green. There is a palm and a ginger plant which still have yellowing leaves and I will keep my eyes on them and get back to you as an update if that changes.

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Basalt rock dust.
Carlos remneralizing the garden.
Carlos remneralizing the garden.
Dense flowering six weeks later.
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