Liquid rockdust

   My pile of rockdust has got wet by rain, and doesnt want to dry up agein. The structure is so fine that it remindes of clay, and a heap of wet clay is not so easy to spread evenly on the field.

  What I do, is that I mix it half and half with water, and the whole thing turns into a licquid slurry. Then I can water the plants with it. Sometimes i mix it with nettle or grass ferment instead of water if I want to give the bed an ekstra kick. The negative thing about it, is that i have to carry a lot of water with the dust, but if i  need to water anyway, it doesnt matter.

    When added to mulch, the rockdust get nicely mixed with the organic matter and helps its decay. Last year I have been mulching the grass around small trees,  the goal is to have other plants than grass around them, plants that  doesnt compete so much with the trees, and may be helpful as protection against  wild grazing animals. So what I do is that I throw a few handfuls of seeds of suitable companionplants into the rockdust and water mix.  (various plants with thorns or strong smell, and a plantshape more similar to a bush than grass. Plants that give shade from above, but give room on the soil surface, the opposite of grasses.) When I water  the mulch around the trees with this, I beleve the seeds will germinate when the mulch decomposes, and take over for the grass. The rockdustslurry makes the seeds dirty, coated in dust, and therefor not so atractive to seed-eating animals and insects. I will give report after some time.

    When doing everything by hand, it is important to do more things with the same input.

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