How to make seed pellets with rock dust.

  Clay pelleted are used when seeds are broadcasted on the surface, to avoid them to be eaten by animals, and as moisture retention under germination. Check out Masanobu Fukuoka (R.I.P.) for more details on no till graingrowing and reforestation. Mr Fukuoka used more ingredients in the clay pellets, assuring inoculation of beneficial microorganisms. I do not describe that. When you have learned to make proper pellets, you can add anything. Rhizobium for legumes, and mycorrhiza for reforesting should be considered.

 I am lucky to have very fine rock dust. If yours are more like sand, you can use clay instead.

You need your rockdust or clay to be dried and crushed into a fine powder. 

    Do this: take some of the rockdust, this one doesnt have to be dry, and mix it with water to something as a yoghurt consistency.Vegans as me can make soya-yoghurt consistensy. Then add the seeds, about a few times the amount of rock-yoghurt. The point is, that the seeds shall be glued together by the mud, one  seed to one seed, not a heap of dirt with one seed here and there. Again: when you hold the clump of mud and seeds in your hand, you see one seed by another, that stick together with the mud.  Now comes the fun part. Take a few handfulls of this matter into a bucket, and add about five times ore more the amount  of dried powdered rockdust or clay. Stirr freneticly  in the mix,  mixing dry and wet matter, and the seeds will fall apart, one by one, coated in a shell of rocdust. Do not press the mix together like a bread dow, but stirr lightly but vigurously. Crumble apart bigger pieces.

    If not used as ones, it is important to dry the seed pellets as quick as possible.

    You can olso make big balls with many seeds in one, used for recvitalization of dead land, but then you must mix in organic matter to avoid the seedball to be  hard as a rock, but dissolve a little during rain.

  Good luck

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