ACORE Issues Call for Action in Response to Barack Obama’s Commitment to Renewable Energy

President-elect Obama presents his America Recovery & Reinvestment Plan. ACORE issues Call for Action Plans to Meet the Three-Year Goal


Linda DaCosta
American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE)
Ph: +1-202-393-0001 x7552

WASHINGTON, January 9, 2009 – The renewable energy industry is voicing support for the economic stimulus plan that was put forward by President-elect Barack Obama today in his speech at George Mason University today, in which he called for a “doubling of our use of alternative energy in the next three years.”

Michael Eckhart, President of the American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE), who attended the speech, said he came away believing more strongly than ever that the President-elect is committed to implementing a new energy strategy for the nation, melding it with goals for national security and economic recovery, as well as traditional ties to environment and climate. “President-elect Obama called for growth of manufacturing in the United States, employing Americans in the manufacturing of solar panels, wind turbines and equipment associated with energy efficiency, electric power transmission, smart grid, and advanced vehicles,” said Mr. Eckhart. “Our industry can lead the way on economic recovery and growth with immediate results,” he added.

ACORE is directing its next major industry event, the Renewable Energy Technology Conference and Exhibition (RETECH 2009), taking place February 25-27, 2009 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, to planning the three-year scale-up that will help meet Obama’s call to double the use of renewable energy within three years.

ACORE has also responded to the President-elect’s vision by issuing a Call for Action to each of its 600+ organizational members, and all other renewable energy organizations, asking every company, utility, professional service firm, financial institution, university nonprofit group and government agency to come forward with their Action Plans, stating their own goals and projected roles in this three-year national mobilization for renewable energy.

Select Action Plans will be summarized and presented at RETECH in February, as well as published on ACORE’s web site ( ACORE has also committed to monitor and report on progress to the Administration and Congress at its annual Phase II Policy Conference in Washington D.C. over the next three years.


ACORE, a 501(c)(3) membership nonprofit organization headquartered in Washington, D.C., is dedicated to bringing renewable energy into the mainstream of the US economy and lifestyle through information and communications programs. ACORE provides a common platform for the wide range of interests in the renewable energy community including renewable energy industries, associations, utilities, end users, professional service firms, financial institutions and government agencies. ACORE serves as a forum through which these parties work together on common interests. Membership information is available at:

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