Remineralize Soils to Optimum Elemental Balance

SeaAgri, Inc. introduces SEA-90, a 100% water soluble, natural, non-synthetic, mined mineral fertilizer approved for use by certified organic farmers is avaiable in North America. SEA-90 is a remarkable new product containing 90+ essential elements.

SeaAgri, Inc. was founded by two advocates of sustainable organic food production, brought together by their common interest to remineralize deficient soils, and in the decades-long research of Maynard Murray, MD.

Dr. Murray, a medical doctor and research scientist, was troubled by the obvious continual decline of American health and subsequent flourishing pharmaceutical industry. He searched for resasons, on a biological and chemical level, as to why our bodies lose their resistance to chronic illness and develop degenerative disease. His studies led him to sea where, miraculously, cancer, arthritis, arteriosclerosis and aging on a cellular level seemingly do not exist. He discovered that sea life is sustained in a balanced solution consisting of all 90+ atomic table elements. Dr. Murray observed that a cubic foot of seawater contains considerably more living organisms than an equivalent amount of soil.

Dr. Murray theorized the apparent difference in disease resistance and vitality between life on land and in the sea is due to mienral deficiencies in our soil and food. He visualized an endless cycle wherein continents rise from the sea rich with minerals. The constant effects of climate–freezing, thawing, rainfall, and erosion–combined with mankind’s historically poor stewardship of the land and increasing acid rain cause topsoil minerals to go into solution. These mineral solutions enter streams and rivers, and subsequently flow into the sea. Dr. Murray concluded these minerals hold the key to human health. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to recapture them and restore them to our soils.

Initially, he successfully experimented using diluted seawater on soils and crops. Then he discovered if water is totally removed from pure, mineral-enriched seawater, 3.5% remains as solid. He called these minerals sea solids. He used these solids exclusively, during many years of extensive research, on all ranges of crops and soil types. Dr. Murray even developed a specialized use of sea solids for hydroponics, and operated a successful 13-acre hydroponics fresh produce farm in south Florida. The results were consistently the same: the plants flourished, matured more rapidly, were healthier, more disease and drought resistant, and produced outstanding taste along with greater yields. In assays testing for nutrients, foods grown with Murray’s sea solids had significantly more minerals (ash content), vitamins (25% more vitamins C in tomatoes, 40% more vitamin A in carrots), and sugars. In addition, he witnessed the same amazing results in all types of livestock and poultry that were offered feed grown in soil enriched with his sea solids. Physiologically, animals were healthier, gained weight more rapidly, and reached maturity sooner.

During his 30 years of research, he conclusively proved that the proportions of trace minerals and elements present in pure seawater are optimum for growth and health of both land and sea life. Additionally, he found that once these minerals and trace elements are restored to soil, reapplication is not necessary for five or more years, given normal rainfall and climatic conditions.

Since creating solids by desalinization of seawater is very costly, Dr. Murray searched the earth for the best source of these minerals in their natural form. He required expansive tidal flats on the banks of a mineral rich unpolluted sea in an arid region with little or no rainfall. Prior to his death in 1983, he disclosed the location he found to be the purest to Robert Cain, one of the founders of SeaAgri, Inc. This location is our source for SEA-90. Robert, under Dr. Murray’s direction, applied these minerals to both soil and hydroponics food production, and personally witnessed their oustanding effects.

SeaAgri, Inc’s founders believe Dr. Murray discovered the true “Fountain of Youth.” However, the fountain with its life enhancing properties is not located at a springhead where a stream or river begins, but rather, at the opposite end of the eco-system where it empties into the sea.

Our vision at SeaAgri, Inc. is to improve the quality of human health through the food that we eat by remineralizing the soil in which it is grown. SEA-90, with 90+ elements–the sea’s full spectrum of minerals, is the perfect solution. As Stewards of the Land, it is our responsibility to restore the mineral balance of our soils and subsequently in the foods we produce. Help us “sustain” life on this planet and spread the wisdom of Sea Energy Agriculture!

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