Challenges in Sovereignty and Food Security: Using Stonemeal as an Alternative and Sustainable Source

Agriculture, Agrogeology
Conference Proceedings
Arruda, Evanielle Clerici; Assis, Luana Bispo de; Batista, Nayra Thaís Ferreira; Bizão, Antonio Alexandre; Carvalho, Raquel dos Santos; Görgen, Claudia Adriana; Hack, Eduardo; Marques, Andrea Luiza Görgen; Martins, Éder de Souza; Morais, Lucas Ferreira de; Ragagnin, Vilmar Antonio

The creation of more sustainable systems has become an environmental, economic and juridical imposition, highlighting the premise of development and use of alternative sources of nutrients to crops, like biofertilizers and natural mineral sources. The stonemeal technique, which is the use of rock dust to efficiently manage soil fertility,
presumes that the slower dissolution of nutrients secures soil productivity and fertility for longer periods. Hence, the by-products of the gravel industry would have a more noble use. The use of rock dust promotes an increased cation-exchange capacity (CEC) in the soildue to the formation of new clay minerals, as well as the availability of macro- and micronutrients absent in soluble chemical fertilizers providers of NPK.

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