Get Real: David Munson, Jr. Wants Realistic Solutions to Climate Change

  • David Munson standing in a cornfield.

David Munson, a Dallas-based philanthropist, has formed the Get Real Alliance to pursue “realistic solutions” to climate change and other global issues. Rock dust and biochar play a central role. He lays out the ideas behind this alliance in his upcoming book, “Get Real: A Positive Solution to Climate Change.”

In particular, he advocates for an increased focus on carbon sequestration in addition to carbon emissions, for a couple of reasons. First, he judges emission reduction to be difficult to achieve, and thus likely insufficient. Second, reducing carbon emissions reduces harm but doesn’t add anything positive. On the other hand, carbon sequestration through rock dust, biochar, and other methods can mitigate climate change while also improving soils and foods at the same time.

Munson thinks this is realistically achievable on a large scale. He says, “The task of remineralizing the earth is very possible with an affordable carbon tax providing the funds, as long as energy prices stay low.”

David Munson kneeling, wearing sport coat and jeans.The condition of low energy prices poses a difficulty for plans to address climate change. According to Munson, “A ban on hydraulic fracturing will drive energy prices through the roof as production quickly falls to where the world is in shortage, making it very difficult to get a carbon tax imposed since people would be unable to afford their energy. A ban would change global dynamics as unaffected overseas producers, including international oil companies, would see a windfall. Russia in particular would be massively boosted.”

“There is a real fallacy in thinking that short-lived renewables that are intermittent can be a good solution,” he adds. “Twenty-year lives are short, and recycling of wind turbines is nearly impossible, as a lot of the carbon footprint is concrete in the foundation and blade material plastics.”

To address all of these concerns and move forward, Munson proposes a trillion dollar annual global fund which could remineralize the earth over the course of a decade, transforming it to much higher productivity and solving the hidden hunger caused by demineralized food.


Benjamin T. Rancourt received his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2016. His continuing philosophical research focuses on understanding, knowledge, and science, among other topics. This research ties into his wider goal of encouraging deeper understanding of ourselves, our strengths, and our limitations. He hopes that greater understanding will help us use the resources available to us to preserve what is good and address what is wrong. Walking is his primary mode of transportation. He appreciates the natural world. He lives in North Carolina with his wife Julia, where he is a Teaching Assistant Professor at North Carolina State University and William Peace University.

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